Comments from participants of the 10-10-2010 Sacred Journey to Mt Shasta 

Thank you, thank you Mary!!!!
This was an amazing journey for me, so everything that happened during the trip, all the people I met will be very significant not just because they are in my pictures 😉 but because without all of them this woudln’t have been what it was and it was very transformational and inspiring.

Not only with the people in the group but with all the others that we had the opportunity to connect as well.

Wonderful people, gorgeous magic place, deep connections and interactions, lovely guide from Mary, laughter and love… who could ask for more!


Laura Rosa

Dear Mary-

 Thank you so much for orchestrating a truly amazing, transformative Mt. Shasta trip on 10-10-10.  It ranks as one of my top grand adventures of 2010 (and the decade!). 

The entire experience was a portal of activation of the body, mind, and spirit.  Your chosen sacred site locations were all different, beautiful and powerfully infused with that special Mt. Shasta vortex energy.  Many of us took incredible ‘paranormal’ photographs, videos of  this phenomena.   Just being at Mt. Shasta is inspiring, but having your experienced guidance to these pristine power spots with your obvious love and deep regard for this most special location greatly expanded the group’s connection to each other, our Mother Earth, and to Spirit.  We all left ‘changed’ in some deep and mysterious way.

 Thank you so much Mary for organizing this opportunity and sharing it with others.  I am sure Mt. Shasta (and its inter-dimensional beings) thank you too!

With love,

Ingrid Falk

Mary… Such deep gratitude for the life changing trip that was 10-10-10 on Mt. Shasta… I appreciate you, and everything you have done. SO blessed to know you… I have been on a long path of releasing old stuff, and integrating these new energies, and am about to start creating and manifesting amazing things. I send you, much love, and a flow of abundance into your life. You are truly special… Andrea


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