Mt Shasta Sacred Journey – 2014



Is Announcing our upcoming Journey to Mt. Shasta, California…

Trip is being planned for Fall Equinox of 2014…Stay Tuned!!!

Mt Shasta is considered the most widely known sacred site of North America due to its strong geophysical forces; steam vents, purification sites, hot and cold springs, electrical centers and caverns which have been used as power spots by indigenous peoples for hundreds of years. Over the last 80 years there have been many experiences documented by people from all over the world. They have reported UFOs coming in and out of the mountain; mysterious openings inside the mountain where it is said advanced beings live; vortex energies and portals; and mysterious lights, creating a conducive venue to explore and experience your own Sacred Voice, your Flowerful Wisdom and your God/Goddess energy within.

Mt Shasta is a wonderful site for performing purification ceremonies. During our time together we will be experiencing a sweat lodge to honor our personal sacred journey.  The intense purification of steam and heat mimics the internal ambience of the mountain. The darkness of the lodge stirs the god/goddess energy of one’s spirit. The ceremony directs itself to the physical and spiritual cleansing of the individual as it simulates the process of this sacred mountain.

Ancient legends of Mt Shasta reveal this holy site to be the home of Ascended Masters where the Ancient Ones lived on Earth as they do in Heaven. It is said that St. Germain’s energy continuously radiates from the Temple of the Violet Flame deep within the inner recesses of the mountain, and during our journey we will be calling on the energy of that violet flame to work with us in our process of release and rediscovery.

Other Masters also influence the energy of this area, such as the Invisible Council of 12 who hail from all points of the Omni-verse. It is said they are making this their headquarters during the Age of Aquarius, supporting efforts to bring peace, love, abundance and wisdom to the beings of earth. It is also considered that Mt Shasta embodies the energy of the head of an etheric geographical dove which forms a grid anchoring the keys of the center of Earth’s Mer-ka-bah which connects with the universal framework of incoming energy from the Pleiades.

During our journey, our ceremonies and meditations will be assisted by the many sacred energies of the Mountain, in conjunction with Sound and Flowerful Wisdom. This will assist and support us on our path to becoming more fully realized in our personal Divine Magic.

We will be experiencing more than just the magic of Mt Shasta during our trip. You will be spending an evening at Steward Hot Springs, soaking in the healing mineral waters which we will be infused with flower petals to amplify the energy….

As you can see, Alchemy In Action and Flowerful Wisdom are collaborating to bring about an intensive Consciousness and Heart Awakening Journey to one of North Americas most revered and powerful Sacred Site.

The group will be limited to 13 people who hear the call to come, so please contact us immediately to reserve your space…..

Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist will again be your Tour Hostess and Featured Speakers will be announced as we get closer to the trip…

Our Journey Offerings will include Drumming, Meditation and Rituals including Sound to connect with the powerful energies  of the sacred sites, the ancient spirits and inter-dimensional openings and potential contact with star beings.

Celebrate a spiritual awakening to your higher vibrational essences while visiting 9 of the 13 sacred sites, including Hedge Creek Falls, Botanical Gardens, Panther Meadows, Black Butte, Pluto Caves, The Headwaters, The Crags, Steward Hot Springs, and Castle Lake…..


Call: Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist: 510-418-8991 or 760-699-2474

Cost:   $

Price does not include travel, accommodations or most meals.. Alchemy in Action as arranged a discounted rate at the Hi-Lo Hotel in Weed, CA…This hotel is chosen because of its view of Mt Shasta…Please see information regarding hotel below…


Thursday 10-24-2013

3:00-5:45 PM:   Meet & Greet with Complimentary Dinner Suite 18, Hi-Lo Hotel

7:00 Fire & Drum Circle at Castle Lake

Friday 10-25-2013

8:45 AM:   Continental Breakfast and Meditation, Suite 18 Hi-L0 Hotel

Day’s Activities:  Hedgecreek Falls, Botanical Gardens, Crags and Sacramento Headwaters

7:00 PM:   Sweat Lodge, Mount Shasta

Saturday 10-26-2012

8:45 AM Continental Breakfast and Morning Meditation, Suite 18, Hi-Lo Hotel

Day’s Activities:  Pluto Caves and Labyrinth

4:00 PM:  Mineral Baths at Steward Hot Springs

6:30 PM:  Dinner and Evening with our special guest

Sunday 10-27-2013

8:45 AM Continental Breakfast and Morning Meditation, Suite 18, Hi-Lo Hotel, Weed, CA

Day’s Activities:  Black Butte and Panther Meadows

Ending Ceremony

Please Note:  Schedule may change due to weather or other unforeseen forces.

Monday-Optional Participation $55.00

9:00 AM Continental Breakfast and Meditation…and Flowerful Wisdom with Robin

11:30 AM Medicine Lake

Note:  We will be doing a special healing with Medicine Lake…


Hi-Lo Hotel, Weed, CA

Please note: All rates are discounted for our group and the prices quoted includes the tax, so when making reservations please mention Mary Electra to insure your discounted rate.

1 Queen Bed for 1 Person is $50.99 plus tax $56.09

1 Queen Bed for 2 People is $55.99 plus tax $61.59

2 Queen Beds for 2 People is $58.99 plus tax $64.89

1 King Bed for 1 Person is $57.99 plus tax $63.79

1 King Bed for 2 People is $62.99 plus tax $69.29

Suite 202 (1 Queen bed with a hide a bed in the living room) is $68.99 plus tax $75.89

Suite 16 (2 Queen bed with hide a bed in the living room) is $93.99 plus tax $103.39

Suite 17 (1  Queen bed with hide a bed in the living room) is $88.99 plus tax $97.89

There is restaurant on premise for your convenience.

If you would like to room with another participant please advise us and we will do our best to assist you in finding a roommate.

For reservations please contact: Hi-Lo Hotel: 1-530-938-2731 (IMPORTANT: Mention Mary Electra for group rate)



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