I was wondering what kind of an event would finally draw the public’s attention away from Charlie Sheen…and lo and behold I was given the answer. A cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami…  The day before the earthquake happen someone asked me what I felt about Charlie Sheen, and people like him.  My response was: “I think he’s a genius, who vibrates very high and very differently than the masses, and since he doesn’t have the understanding or perhaps the skill sets to channel that energy in a positive way for him, he turns to things that numb it out.  It is interesting that he is well known for his sexual escapades because sexual activity can actually help to channel and release the energy.    I imagine Charlie Sheen, and my dear friend Michael, who is now deceased, as well as Robert Downey Jr. until he began to settle into his vibration with the help of the great equalizer “LOVE” had no way of recognizing this when they are young.  They are/were probably very kinetic and wanted that surging energy to stop or subside.  Of course the only personal knowledge of this was with my dear friend Michael.  We had many discussions about this, and even though I could bring love to this dear being, he had gone past the point of no return.  His body had already been ravaged by his use of drugs and alcohol to tame those energetic surges. However I learned a lot from him about addictions.  So as I am writing this I am taking literary licenses here based on some rather limited experience and ask you to bare that in mind.  I am merely sharing my thoughts.  My niece said I should blog my thoughts about people who might have this kind of intense vibration running through them, when my attentions were drawn to the earthquake and tsunami.  I believe earth’s vibration is increasing, and what we experience to be a “natural disaster” is the way earth deals with its shifting vibration, (this is a conclusion many other people have, so I’m not stating anything new) and there has certainly been many “natural disaster” of momentous proportion over the last 5 years. They seem to be escalating.  Then we need to remember the various manmade disasters such as the the gulf oil spill that has not spoken its last word either, which have been occurring in conjunction with the natural forces of nature. 

  I don’t know about all of you, but my email inboxes have been full of people pouring their hearts out; setting up global meditations and healings as well as people sharing their predications of this, and their predications of future devastation.  All of which is wonderful but I guess because it was a conversation that was fresh in my mind, I began to draw parallels between people like Michael, and perhaps Charlie Sheen, and even the masses with our dear Gaia, and the old adage began to weave  itself  in my head almost as a chant ”as above so below”.  In my observation when energy gets so intense it appears to me that something has to blow to alleviate it.  No matter what is standing in our wake we explode in our own unique way just to release the pressure.  People do it by yelling, drinking, acting out and in the extreme killing, and earth does it by shaking, erupting and in the extreme killing.  It seems it is a process. A process that continues to repeat itself to varying degrees in this dimension as everything is shifting and changing constantly, and at this time earth seems to be in a major growth spurt.  Through my spiritual eyes I understand this in a very different way than my ego does. My spirit understands that there is no life or death, that as spirit we are infinite, and the spirit lacks what is commonly understood to be “emotion”.  But in this universe, this dimension we see the process through a more narrow lens.  We personalize this linear experience.  We judge the experiences of this dimension.  Somewhere along the way boundaries and limits on what we consider normal or within reason were established and EGO forbid anyone cross beyond those boundaries…because then we have disaster.   Perhaps disaster is manmade, and the process is natural, but we definitely engage in emotions when we experience these shifts.

My Ego-self feels pain for all those swept away and involved in the multiple disasters we’ve been experiencing on Gaia.  My Ego-self judges these events as disasters and I become emotional and erratic.  Nothing about me is detached from the situation. My Ego-self fears what might happen tomorrow, so I am not living fully in the present. 

Please do not get me wrong…in my humanness I experience the loss, the devastation, the outrage, the helplessness, the over whelm, the fear; everything humans “feel” when immersed in judgment.  I am not suggesting that we close our eyes or our hearts to what is happening around us.  I’m suggesting that we look at others, at ourselves, at circumstances, and events through the eyes of our GOD-self rather than our EGO-self.  Perhaps there is a broader prospect to be actualized.

 Perhaps we should consider opening and seeing the world through our GOD-self perspective every day. The events that are occurring will more than likely continue, as there is a process happening, but when we see the events through our GOD-self we will see them differently and when we as a collective see each moment through our GOD-self the experiences unfolding will be different. 

 So thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  They help me to process my individual challenges as well as the global challenges. 

 As above so below, a concept I’ve been aware of for years, yet I’m finally  beginning to see the thread of that concept woven through this dimensional experience in a clearer way.

 My prayer for everyone is trust, courage, strength, wisdom…and remembrance…




Welcome, I’m on my way with the Alchemy In Action Blog.  What is Alchemy In Action?  Good Question!! 

Definition of ALCHEMY


: a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life
: a power or process of transforming something common into something special
: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting
Based on the above, this blog site is dedicated to the process of transforming something common into something special, and to bring about change in an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting.
I do sound healing and I have the gift of bringing in frequencies that are not of this physical world, and this sound works with individuals in an inexplicable and mysterious way. The sound coupled with the magic of the sacred sites transform people in magical and mystical ways. 
I am planning our next Sacred Journey for June.  Check in for updates..
Looking forward to journeying together whether through the site, or webcast or actual sacred journeys. 
Mary Electra

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