Healing (Massage & Sound)

HEALING WORK:  I work with people to re-balance their energy through sound, body and breathwork.  I have been doing my special Healing Work since 1994. Although I cannot do body work over the phone, I do phone healings with sound and meditation.  These are very powerful, and magic always happens


Mary is not just a massage therapist who makes you feel good.  She is a phenomenal healer who has worked with my autistic child.  Before Mary, my daughter rarely spoke.  We tried many mainstream and alternative treatments.  The absolute turning point for my daughter was after sessions with Mary.  The sound, touch, sound enhanced bath salts and love that Mary transmitted, opened up my daughter more than I ever dreamed possible.  Not only is Mary the most loving healer but one who is obviously transmitting the power of spirit.   My daughter speaks so much now and confidently.  Mary is our answer to many years of prayer.  We don’t know how to begin to thank her.    K. B.

  “After returning home from a session with Mary, I felt differently.  I felt that I might have been healed from arthritis, so I asked my Rheumatologist if I could stop the medications I had been taking for many years.  Without his consent, I stopped the medications and have been arthritis free for over a year.  I truly believe Mary facilitated the energy that my own body used to put this painful disease in remission.  B.S

  “Mary came to my home to conduct a session with my cat, Sherman, who had been diagnosed with cancer and having a tumor in his chest cavity.  It has been 10 months since Mary’s initial visit and Sherman shows no signs of deteriorating health.  The vet has even expressed surprise by Sherman’s weight gain and overall good health condition.”   M.T.

Mary has a true gift in her healing touch and the music that flows through her. It has been my pleasure to know her and to have had her work on me several times. I only wish I had the opportunity for her to work more with me.
Gifted and connected – my whole-hearted recommendation!!! 
  M. P.

So far I have received 3 Tonal healings from Mary, and each one has gotten stronger and more potent as I learned how to breathe more effectively, relax my body completely, still my mind and focus my intent.  Mary guides you through a very vivid meditation filled with Divine Light and healing color, culminating in a Tonal healing that enhances the power of your own intention to gently heal whatever issue you need most- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual- whatever may be out of balance or alignment is wrapped in a vibrating cocoon of sound and lovingly, divinely restored.

Although it was a physical disease that brought me to her, I have also benefitted in a mental and spiritual way from Mary’s gift.   The tones have continued to resonate throughout my body, mind and soul after the sessions are over, opening doors within and without.  I highly recommend her fun, gracious spirit to anyone for any issue.  Robb Fahey, Omaha, NE


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