Cosmic Crop Circle Sacred Journey

Cosmic Crop Circle Journey-Southwest England
August 4th – 11th
Southwest England
Land of the ancient sites of Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, Chalk
Horses, Glastonbury, Tor and the Legend of Avalon, Merlin, King Arthur a
nd the most recent Phenomena; Crop Circles
Tour Hostess, Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist
This Crop Circle Journey is open to 6 people. If you are
called to join us, please reserve your space immediately.
– Participate in meditations & rituals to connect with the powerful energies of the sacred sites, the ancient spirits, the Mary/Michael Lines, and thevibrational magic of the Crop Circles.
England is rich with history, legend and lore and most recently during the late summer the prolific  presence of Crop Circles, our
modern day phenomena.
Our Journey will take us to the Crop Circles, Avebury, Silbury Hill, West Kennet-Long Burrow Glastonbury, Tor, Chalk Horses, Stonehenge, a boat ride on the Kennet and Avon
Canal, and more…
As I’ve been putting together the itinerary for this trip it has become abundantly clear it will unfold in an organic fashion with the exception of any “scheduled” activities we will be doing.  My inner guidance is telling me this particular journey needs to be free to flow based on the people who are called to participate.  What will
set this journey apart from a sight-seeing trip will be the ceremonies, with soundand meditations we will be doing at different spots.
The ceremonies, ancient sound frequencies and meditations will provide each participant with a deeper connection to the wisdom these sacred sites hold.  Our spiritual work in combination with the energy of the sites will enhance and strengthen your inner spiritual essence,
while profoundly awakening each of you in some life changing way.
We are limited to 6 people for this journey and it will be booked on a first come-first serve basis.
Call Mary Electra 510-418-8991
Organic Itinerary: (as I mentioned in the promotional flyer the
itinerary can change depending on the flow. The crop circles will have an impact on our trip, as they appear when they appear, but there are so many choices I know our days will be rich and full.)
August 4th
Arrive in Heathrow Airport and shuttle to designated
hotel and check in….do what you wish that evening as our tour begins in the
August 5th
8:00 to 9:00   Meet for Group Breakfast
9:30   Depart for Wiltshire
1:00   Afternoon in Avebury tour with Peter Knight
7:00   Evening at West Kennet Long Burrow with Peter Knight
August 6th Crop Circles  Swallowhead Springs
August 7th Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Tor, Abbey
August 8th Narrow Boat Ride on the Kennet and Avon Canal
August 9th New Forest  Closing Dinner
August 10th Cerne Abbas Giant, Sacred Well In Dorset Abbey Ruin
Back to London
August  11th Depart from Designated Hotel
Cost: (note: all prices are quoted in  British Sterling Pounds and when you send your deposit/payment it must be converted to American Dollars
with a 10% conversion fee based on the day you make your deposit/ payment.
Should you decide to pay in two installments, the same rules would apply.  This was the fairest solution for all parties.)
Cost includes 7 nights lodging w/full English breakfast,
transportation to all sites, all site fees and our closing dinner.  Please note airfare is not included…
£ 1399.00   for  Double Occupancy
£ 1549.00  for Single Occupancy
To find the conversion rate Google Currency Converter or Currency Conversion and find the British Sterling Pound then converted to American Dollars and add 10 percent for the conversion fee.
PayPal and Master Card & Visa accepted.
Reservationson a first come first serve bases..
Contact me today at 510-418-8991 to reserve your space.
Mary Electra

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