Breathe Peace


Life Riddled with Stress and Chaos? Take a Moment to Relax and Release the Stress with Breathe Peace.

Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist internationally known master of Sound Healing and Jeff Victor, one of the most accomplished pianist of our time has collaborated to create this CD of evocative sound in which time seems suspended. A sound that is so illuminating and transcendent it inspires as well as soothes with each “breathe” you take.

A wonderful addition to your collection.

Homecoming To Spirit


Take a journey in time through sound… Destiny a “Homecoming to Spirit”

From the beginning of time, into the separation, through the anger and chaos, to seeking, through darkness back into light, to deeply looking within, to become one again, while healing and reconnecting to spirit, realizing your indigenous roots. Let the music touch you while listening with your heart. Awaken now and forever the Divinity that lives within you. Enjoy your Journey with Homecoming to Spirit.

Ancient Sounds In Paradise


A true testament to sound, ancient and powerful. A truly inspired and inspirational CD of vast healing magnitude which evokes a remembrance of our “Divine Essence”, connecting us to It’s healing power. Let this CD lift you, heal you and empower you. Sound is one of the most ancient and powerful healing modalities, and this CD uses indigenous instruments and toning to bring that power to you.

This CD as with all the CD’s produced by Ancient Sounds Productions is divinely guided to heal all those that listen.

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