Who Do You Revere???

Who do you revere??? A thought I’ve been pondering…

Do you have a hero???   A person you look up to???  Someone you’ve put on a pedestal???

I’ve reviewed my life…my history and history in general…and realized there is no one I revere…There are people I respect…but not revere…

I asked myself if I met the President of the United States or the Queen of England or the Pope how would I feel… What would I do???

I’m certain I would not bow to them or treat them any differently than I would any person I’d randomly meet…I do however imagine I’d check in with how I felt about them energetically, and discern the amount of trust I would automatically bestow on them…

Once I checked in with my energetic feelings I might smile and greet them, or hold myself in polite reserve.  I would not automatically respect them for what position they hold, my respect would be based on my interactions with them, as it is with anyone I randomly meet…

I acknowledge these are bold thoughts, yet honest thoughts…

I also cannot pretend I have the greatest self-esteem or self-love, however I have an intrinsic understanding that we are all equal as beings…I may not have the wealth, prestige, education, or position that other people have, yet I know those qualities have nothing to do with who I am or who another person is…Those things have nothing to do with the value one person has over another…

Somewhere deep inside of me, I understand we are all a part of the divine “all”…I feel we must recognize and acknowledge ourselves and offer to ourselves the honor we so easily grant others based on their position or status in life…Each and every being is divine…and the time has come to revere ourselves…

yes child


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