Wasted Energy or Spiritual Opportunity???

chaos 2

After several conversations recently with women about men my mind started to churn with ideas…As long as I’ve been a woman I’ve observed and engaged in the concept of          “If only he understand”   If only he could wake up and realize” “If only he didn’t run from his feelings”, etc., etc., etc.

Over the years I have observed a great deal of wasted energy on other people’s potential…and in the case of many women…a man’s “potential”.

Does this sound familiar?

For years I was tethered to the idea that I needed a relationship…needed a man…

An archetypal concept, which many of us get lost in…However is there any truth to it???

Community and gathering is a part of our nature…Mating is a part of our nature…however when does it cross the line from natural to needy???

Conceptually I feel relationships are opportunities for spiritual growth…mirrors to our soul.. however I also feel the primary union one must form first is with oneself…Once we can form a union with our self love and love can be realized from within…it can then be given without agenda…Love can then be a gift rather than a need….

How often do we waste our energy on someone else’s potential??? How often do we lose ourselves to another???

Now I would like you to ask yourself….How much time do I spend getting to know myself and  “LOVING” the magic living within ME???

Have a blessed and glorious day….




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