Tis the Season for a Friend 

Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Spring,

And Rivers Flow with Melted Snow,

And Life Takes on a Youthful Glow.

             On comes the Summer,

With Birds a Chirping and Children Singing,

And the Season Turns With the Flow of the Tides.

           And the Leaves of the Trees

Have Turned to Autumn

And the People are Joyous With Holiday Cheer

And the Harvest Moon Shines

                    On the New Fallen Snow…

Bringing in Winter

And the Hearths Aglow

The Season for Rejoicing

Abounding With Warmth

                 Bringing Kindred Spirits Close

And a New Year Comes Forth….

           Abundant With Dreams…

And Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Spring

And Rivers Flow With Melted Snow

And Life Takes on a Youthful Glow…

                               And Time Goes By…

And Yet, There is No Special Season

   When Man Meets Man

And Makes a Friend,

                             All Seasons are Blessed….

     With Making FRIENDS…..

                             Mary Electra




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