There Otta Be A Law

I’ve decided to take a departure from my usual musings and delve into what I feel to be a pertinent and timely complaint.

Generally I’m not an advocate of “new” laws…but enough is enough…

I’d like to ask you…is anyone else getting tired of political campaigns???  Everywhere, television, radio, newspapers, facebook, random telephone calls, driving….even at the pool…I can’t get away….and it feels like insanity to me….Months and months of it if not years of campaign rhetoric…and just to be sure there is no confusion about what I am attempting to communicate I’ve included one of the dictionary definitions of rhetoric…

b. Language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually

I admit I’m jaded when it comes to politics, and have been for many years…and I know I swim against the current with my perception of politics in general, but come on folks enough is enough…how many months must a candidate campaign? How many dollars need to be spent?

Just imagine what could be done with all the money donated to political campaigns….Imagine if that money would be used to bolster our less than stellar economy…

How long does the campaigning go on for?  I’ve lost track…1 year…2 years…

However I am aware that the president is elected for 4 years…and since a president can only have two terms the first two years are a time for getting acquainted with the duties of president and about the time the president is on the downswing of the learning curve their focus is being drawn to re-election and the next two years of their presidency is eaten up with campaigning for re-elected… What a waste…then once re-elected the president becomes a lame-duck and his influence begins to wane….

There must be a better way….

Its not bad enough that I have to listen to what seems to me to be insincere promises, back-stabbing and misconstrued information…millions upon millions of dollars in my humble opinion are being wasted when those dollars could be better spent.  What about a campaign to help the homeless, the children who are starving or abused, maybe improving the unemployment…anything would be better than wasting money on political campaigns.

Yes, I’m sure the campaigns provide a limited amount of jobs, but if my memory serves me correctly much of the day to day, down and dirty operations of a campaign is done by volunteers…

So in the interest of Mary, and any of the rest of you who would like to see some sanity brought back to our daily lives instead of the maddness of over-extended political campaigns….could we please limit campaigns to two months, maybe three…and cap the campaign spending to a million each month…for each party…and this rule would apply to the primaries as well as the election.. Limit the debates to one, and allow all political candidates to participate.

We already see the main contenders do all the talk shows which is giving them  great media exposure which they may even be  getting paid for, and if not they are exchanging exposure for an appearance…However equal time must be given to all candidates….

To me this seems simple, workable and so much more sane…

Thank you for letting me share my personal thoughts…



One response to “There Otta Be A Law

  1. Hear! Hear! ❤

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