AMAZING HEALING (in dedication and thanks to Jason P)

Hello all, I thought I’d take the time and share a wonderful experience…through the eyes of my perception…

Here is the post from Facebook that inspired it all….

Duncan   Roads

2:23am Sep 12

Huge parts of southern California and west Arizona are reporting the smell of sulfur everywhere, starting a day or so ago. Also reports of sinkholes, water table level changes, and mud geysers. Anyone reading this who is in those areas – I’d like to learn more. Comment here and/or email me:

As I now live in the desert I decided to responded to this request with my experiences…

At the time the  desert had been unusually humid, and we experienced what they call a swarm of earthquakes in Imperial Valley which is roughly 45 miles from Palm Springs…I felt the larger ones, note the plural, as there were two quakes over 5.0 in a three hour period as well a many small ones occuring one right after the other.  Then we experienced this noxious smell of sulfur which had the desert talking for days.  Apparently those smells extended north to Fresno, south to San Diego and east to Phoenix.  The smell was being linked to the Salton Sea, but over a period of many years, no one had experienced the odors to be so intense and last for the length of time they did this year.  On August 30th my area experienced a flash flood again, wreaking havoc for the park I happen to live in and my lot as well.

This questions posed by Duncan as well as the numerous responses he was receiving brought me to wonder what was really happening here, then I realized I needed to take action and do a sound healing for the desert.  My thoughts were supported by several people I happen to hold in high regard and the decision was made.  I do sound healings everyday that are for the universe in general, but I felt that it was important to do something more direct and focused for the desert…

Thursday, the 4th of October, a friend of mine, who was picking up his new drum decided to go with me to the desert and do a healing.  We drove up to a place above the desert and started with a meditation and then began to drum…As always my eyes were to the heavens, but we were very close to civilization and there were many city lights, not to mention the air traffic over Palm Springs.  I must tell you I never knew the flight plan of so many airlines crossed over my abode…yet to my surprise the sky opened and I was being visited by my galactic brothers and sisters once again…They were heeding our call for assistance and working with us to lay a foundation of supportive healing; first for the desert then mankind and the universe…

The beings were spinning and sending laser like lights to our blessed Gaia, their energy was spinning in sacred geometric forms while they sent laser beams to earth…It was like in the old days when they had those spotlights that would send beams out into the universe to promote a big opening of  some kind of major event.   The beams would expand as they went higher and when they had two lights the beams would at some point cross…This is as close of a description I can give you of what the beams looked like that they were sending to earth.  I must say it was an experience to witness.

There are times when I wish the world could see what I can see, and last night was no exception…as I so wished my friend could see, yet at that moment he was unable to go beyond the veils but still was ever so trusting in my description and with love and faith worked with me with his intention and his energy; collaborating with me in bringing in a healing energy I feel was vital for the work being done…I feel strongly the healing was as powerful as it was because of our collective participation…

We both opened our hearts with a request that the highest and best interest of all be served in the healing we were asking to take place…and the intention went out, the drumming went out, my sound went out and a foundation of healing was created…so I choose to thank you dear spirit as I am very aware I could not have done it alone…

I would like to do another healing with more people to bring a greater energy to the process…and I will keep you posted on that…but for now the process has begun…I will continue to send sound out into the universe in love and support for the divine plan and ask that you also send your love, prayers and sound as well.

When I arrived home, I was in need of sleep…and not because the work took anything from me, but from what I received in return from mother earth and from my brothers and sisters in the galactic realm. It is so wonderful to realize that in the process of giving we are also receiving. I can feel the power of the energy I received and have been in process all day…I am also curious to know what is in store for myself as well as for my dear friend who so graciously gave of his time to go with me and participate in this desert healing with a knowing that two people with love and intent can make a difference…I am certain in some way we were both changed forever…

I hope to pull together something more organized for the month of November and will let you all know…For now share your sound, your prayers and your intention to support the process of mankind, the earth and the universe that is presently happening…and share this blog with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email…and would also like to ask anyone receiving this blog that might have an interest in participating in any future healings with the desert and Gaia, to please let me know.  Together we can make a difference…

Please know that at the moment the focus of the healing is with the desert, but the healing extends to all energy forms…


Mary Electra, “Tonal Alchemist”


4 responses to “AMAZING HEALING

  1. Enjoying your new location as it shakes rattles and rolls, knowing your Star is still shining bright as ever in the safest manner for you and your friends.

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful. Such a Heart felt calling to Connect & Assist. Blessings! Thank You for Sharing your experience & Visions. Thank you for reminding us how important it is Now, to use our gifts in loving service. May we join together & heed the call!

  3. Thank you Mary. Thank you for your Love.

  4. Thank you Mary – your heart shines through… 🙌

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