Today I pulled a medicine card as guidance for my day…and I pulled the Crow… and became inspired to write a blog….

I recently wrote a blog on seemingly “Random Occurrences” so I have been paying attention to my life’s seemingly random occurrences…

To preface this decision to post a new blog, it is important to share the things that have lead up to this…For over a month now I’ve been very conscious of my Omni-reality…the nonexistence of what we refer to in this dimension as time…There have been all these events that have been making me feel like I need to scream the unheard scream, express the inexpressible thought but I have held back not because I’m afraid but because WHY???  Yet everywhere I turn the same message feels like it’s being sent to me…especially while listening to several of the Coast to Coast AM programs over the last week  with George Norry  relating to  Consciousness & Physics and Time Travel Explorations in particular and all the shows in general;  a conversation I had with my friend last night and last but not least the medicine card I pulled today…the Crow.  Too many coincidences, not to mention that gut wrenching feeling I have when I need to express something…

What does Crow symbolize?

Here are excerpts from the “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

“Since Crow is the keeper of sacred law, Crow can bend the laws, of the physical universe and “shape shift.”  The ability is rare and unique. Few adepts exist in the today’s world, and fewer still have mastered Crow’s art of shape shifting. This art includes doubling, or being in two places at one time consciously; taking on another physical form,  and  becoming a ”fly on the wall” to observe what is happening far way.”

“Crow is an omen of change.  Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time.  The Ancient Chiefs tell us that Crow see simultaneously the three fates –past, present and future. Crow merges lightness and darkness, seeing both inner and outer reality.”

I have been intellectually conscious that we are living in multiple dimensions since I can remember, and it warms my heart that science is “now” confirming what was just an awareness I felt and in turn bringing awareness to the masses. Yet to be clear the operative word of the above statement was “intellectually” conscious.  Over the last 18 years simultaneous dimensions have been becoming more of a “Knowing” consciousness for me.  I am becoming more and more aware of seeing into other dimensions in my everyday life, and on two separate occasions I traveled into different dimensions I exist in simultaneously with other people, so I am not a stranger to it but these occasions have been brief snippets of OMNI reality in an earth walk that for the most part is considered linear and still attached to time; but a month ago after experiencing a marijuana high, my awareness of the OMNI has been heightened, and it feels like it has been heightened permanently for me in this dimension.  During my drug assisted mind expansion I was conscious of being in four dimensions simultaneously.  My experience and that awareness continue to haunt me; not in a dark way, but with this sense of urgency to share it.  SHARE IT!!!  Share it how???  I am still becoming familiar with it in a deeper knowing way for myself at the same time I am feeling this sense of urgency to share, so its like a double edge sword…I have the awareness but I don’t have the words…and if I find the words, will anyone be able to connect to them, relate to them???   Yet I feel I have been receiving these messages to encourage me to at least attempt to share it so here goes…

The image I received while high was like a film reel (real), with each individual strip of film being a moment in time existing infinitely, and it felt as if it was vibrating faster than light. During all of this I was aware of my existence as light, without a body, as well as being in my present “time” existence with a body and weight.  Being conscious of these two very opposite forms of consciousness was interesting to say the least as they were happening simultaneously not to mention the awareness of two other dimensions and during all of this “experiencing” I was attempting to grock it in my earth walk reality.  Suffice to say there was a lot going on.

I remember sharing my experiences with everyone around me because I was feeling the overwhelming need to “share” but because I was “high” my words were being regarded as such…words of an extremely stoned person…interesting the word “tone” is in the word stoned…and there is also that story about the philosopher’s stone (tone). Perhaps this is where the wisdom rests, but I regress…back to sharing…

During this “high” I was also experiencing other awareness’s, but at the moment I choose to just relate this part of that insightful journey…

In this dimension, we continue to relate to time in the context of past, present and future as it is easier to deal with. The concept that as spirits we exist in simultaneous dimensions and experience all dimensions collectively is more than the density of this dimension seems to allow for at this moment in our “linear” time.   Generally speaking here on earth when we move in and out of dimensions we have what I will lovingly refer to as “selective awareness” that we connect to through our physic abilities, déjà vu, remote viewing and dreams…yet we still seem to relate and express these experiences through the “linear” references of past, present, future…and reincarnation.

In all fairness because of the density of this dimension it is not so easy to relate to our OMNI self, yet  I know the possibility exist, therefore I would love to invite you to stretch yourselves, stretch your consciousness to be able to embrace the totality of the All …that lives within the I….

Perhaps this would be a perfect note to end on, but I am being urged to share another point of view with you regarding our earth walk… and perhaps it is this point of view that is the point of this blog , and perhaps all anyone needs is just a simple awareness of simultaneous dimensions to relate to the concept I am being urged to share.

Earth is a planet of experience…and we certainly do like our experiences or so it seems…and in our earth walk the experiences become our story here…and sometimes these stories are riddled with darkness, and the stories evolve into what the mind perceives to be pain, distress, punishment, anger, yet they are our experiences…which become our perceptions…and then the perceptions become our judgments…and those judgments become our bondage. Often during much of our earth walk we are striving to rid ourselves of the darkness instead of embracing it as part of the journey…we attempt to erase or edit those moments of infinity that we have judged and through the judgment have become enslaved by.  Considering the awareness of simultaneous dimensions; erasing or editing these events is probably an impossible task…however what is not impossible and is probably the most important thing to share with you is:  all we need to do is adjust our point of view…or adjust the filter of light if you’d like to remain metaphoric, then the earth walk becomes more enlightened and as earth beings we become more open; and even though the moments are never erased…we are able to be at ease with them…and they no longer garner the same influence that often consumes so much of our earth walk’s energy…Being aware, embracing the darkness, choosing to adjust the light makes a difference in our perceptions…

How we as earth beings choose to perceive our experiences in this dimension gives real meaning to the concept of “we create our reality”.   It is in our choices that we create….not the moment to moment events but the choices we make relating to those events, we create…yes… “we create OUR reality”.

So I urge you to KNOW NOW – (Know:  Knowledge of Natural OMNI Wisdom…. Now: Natural OMNI Wisdom)

Definition of OMNI from Webster’s New World College Dictionary

Omni:  combining form all; everywhere.

Also see omnific, omnificent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, omniscient….

Blessing to those who have read this, and thank you for letting me share…


2 responses to “KNOW NOW

  1. Beautiful synopsis of all that is occurring NOW.
    Thank You for Sharing BeLoved
    In Love & Light, OMNI

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