Recent Crop Circle, Wiltshire, UK

Metatron’s Cube-Recent Crop Circle, Wiltshire, UK

Today as I was perusing my Facebook News Feed and several people had posted a crop circle of Metatron’s Cube…
Two things happened for me;  I began longing to go to England for the Crop Circle Season and once again be in the energy of those wonderful “earth art” creations.  I strongly believe the legitimate crop circles are created with sound frequencies, which is another story for another time,  but first my thoughts about Metatron…and the second thing that happened was a searing understanding that I needed to blog my thoughts about Metatron.
For several years now I’ve been aware that many people are channeling Metatron…which in turn heighten my need to understand Metatron.
During my conscious lifetime I’ve noticed that at various times, people seemed to begin channeling energies in a collective manner… For instance in the late 90’s there was a lot of people channeling Mary Magdalene, writing books about Mary Magdalene….and over the past 5 or 6 years I’ve noticed many people channeling the energies of Metatron…
When people were channeling and writing about Mary Magdalene I realized we needed to bring the “Mary Magdalene” vibration in as the universe  was in need of her frequency and it was time for people to embody and embrace that frequency within themselves…and when I started hearing a lot of people channeling Metatron I began to realize the world was in need of Metatron’s vibration….and it was time for us to embrace and embody the frequency he represents.
As I have great affinity with the Magdalene vibration, and have embodied that frequency within me since I was a young child,  so her vibration was already apart of me, but Metatron energy was not so familiar to me…or at least consciously familiar to me.
I did remember becoming acquainted with Metatron back in the 90’s but in honesty, did not put much thought towards it…I can only imagine it was not my time…but over the past 5 or 6 years there has been so much emphasis on Metatron I knew it was time to pay attention.   Metatron was making a statement by being channeled by so many people. I quickly realized I needed to become more familiar with what the Metatron energy embodies…and know the why of its importance now…
Once I researched Metatron, I realized for myself that the sound vibration that surges within me and the energy vibration I tone and have been bringing through since 1999  supports beings in opening the portals to their higher dimensional self and the description of Metatron’s energy was and is about supporting beings in opening their higher dimensional self… I must confess it gave me great sustenance to realize I was in some way keeping pace with the changes we are going through, and in some small way am doing my part in the process of our transition… and that was the end of it, my curiosity had been satisfied..but after seeing the crop circle of Metatron’s Cube online, not to mention I received two independant post relating to that crop circle I knew, without a doubt I needed to open my awareness of Metatron’s significance to others…
We are being supported , through the vibration of Metatron to realize our higher self…we are here…the time is now…we are at the precipice of a major transformation…so I urge you to develop your awareness, become conscious of your own individual understanding of who and what you are…as it is time to share your magic by shining “your” individual light…which ultimately will open the knowing of our connection to source…
The time is now…
I have included some information from the internet for you to review, and I urge you to research Metatron for yourself…but mostly I choose to encourage you to open yourself to the magic that you are.
 Copied from:
The Archangel who presides over the Sephira Kether. Metatron is one of the two most Godlike Archangels and has no specific day of the week assigned to him. As such, he can be easily called upon at any time. Metatron belongs to the angelic order of the Chai-ot Ha Kah-desh. He usually appears as a young boy or youth. This being is very powerful an his wisdom should never be debated, despite his childlike form. Metatron come to individuals on the verge of a spiritual transformation. he carries with him the power to turn your human self into the divine being you were always meant to be. Seeing Metatron is a powerful vision that should not be taken lightly because he usually comes at a time of great inner change.

Channeling copied from:
Greetings, dear ones. I am the archangel who embodies the highest level of physical existence. This includes what is unknown and unseen at your present conscious level of perception. My energies pervade all of physical existence and serve as what you might call your highest connection into Source. I am a bridge that connects Source and the Creator directly into physical existence. All of you are creators with the Source. You are learning to recognize all of your creative abilities. I can help you to connect into that highest part of yourself which is the clearest aspect of the Source connection or your Source Beingness.
 We of the Angelic Kingdom do not create consciously as humans do. We simply are extensions of Source and we are the Source substance with which you create. Therefore, as creators, you are the ones who direct the use of our energies and you are the ones who decide what we will create within physical existence. We embody Source’s Plan Itself. When you choose to work with this Plan and to utilize It, it is our energies which form your connection into It. Without your decision to utilize what we are and to become a part of this Plan, we remain simply a blueprint or an energy flow which does not connect into anything specific. Without your conscious desire to use our spiritual energies, we remain simply undifferentiated Source substance which has not had the opportunity to become a part of physical existence; our energies are not able to connect into the potentials that are there within physical existence, and they can not help it to bloom, grow and express all that the Creator has chosen to express through it. Without you we cannot participate in the development of your creative opportunities which Source has given you on Earth.



  1. This is the Mary I Know & Love, so glad you are sharing your work again! this is an empowering article, thank you! YOU Are Love 🙂

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