Of late I’ve been paying attention to my divinely guided random experiences.  My vigilant awareness began after watching 12 episodes of a new television show called “TOUCH” on FOX with Kiefer Sutherland.    

Then I realized I haven’t posted a blog for ages, and I got the sense that it’s probably time and with what better topic.  Since I moved to Palm Springs in February, and it seems as if there is a lot to distract me and its taken a long time for me to settle in.

Life in this dimension has been quite a roller coaster of experiences of late…and in my opinion more so than before if that could even be…yet…on a positive note I do feel I’m dealing with them quite differently now; once I get through the initial shock of the experiences…it seems I’m able to see my “roller coaster” of experiences through different eyes, and it feels like the shift is occurring quickly. I feel the speed of these shifts are due in part to my renewed consciousness of divinely guided random events…

So all you amazing spirits out there, I encourage you to start paying attention to those everyday experiences that appear innocent and by chance…pay attention to how they unfold and where the threads of those events lead you,  even if the event seems to turn your world upside down.

 I realize time seems to be passing quickly, and life is filled with everyday chaos…but…still…take a moment to breathe and be aware…then take another moment to breathe and be even more aware;  especially of those everyday random experiences…and when you do; you may find yourself in a world of new discoveries…

Then, breathe again and take that amazing awareness into your lungs and into your physical being…breathe again and breathe in the wonder that is happening to you and to each of us every moment of everyday….

Random Experiences anyone???


3 responses to “RANDOM EXPERIENCES???

  1. Hi Mary – nice blog – nice banner on your website too!! Random experiences, obstacles, hurdles always serve some type of purpose; I call them springboards to success. Once you jump off one, it takes you closer to where you want to be, guided on a path you didn’t anticipate. In my experience, I say be careful for what you ask for, as you will get it, curve balls and all. It’s those curve balls, or random acts, that deepen your awareness of understanding, “is this really what you want?”

    It was also nice to see the photos of Mt. Shasta again, which reminded me, I don’t think I ever sent you mine. Thanks again for hosting such a wonderful trip, I really had a great time and experienced beautiful treasures of the area you found and shared with us. In fact, I was wearing the earrings I got up there as a gift from a friend who also went as they remind me of the fun we had – now how random was that!

    Hearing your toning on the Castle Lake Violet Flame was my morning meditation today. Thank you for your beautiful voice.

    Take care – KMGPath

  2. Sounds like you are finding your Divine self again 🙂 BEing present in each moment IS empowering. Thanks for Shining so bright Mary

  3. love your cds, they are so empowering; absolutely the best for meditation; your massages are beyond incredible and your jewelry is beautiful. kathi b

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