This is a follow-up of my most recent blog-post “Connection and Reflection”.  It is with hesitance that I write this, and with courage I will post it.  In the previous post I discussed my thoughts surrounding an incident outside my house around 8:00 on the evening of 1-11-2012.  Around 11:30 and throughout the night I was doing sound and energy healing for those involved in the incident, and also was inspired to do a meditation.  I actually thought I was working on something I might be able to record at sometime. As with many things we are often inspired to do things for reasons we are unaware, and I feel this was one of those occasions.

Now let’s fast forward to Monday, 1-16-2012.  I am perusing the news reports on my face book account and an article caught my attention about sounds being heard around the world.  For some reason there seemed to be a flurry of attention regarding this. .People were buzzing about the unexplained noises being heard around the world.  This was actually the first time this phenomenon was coming to my attention.  (I would also like to share that I feel some of the sounds have always been there, but now as the veils are thinning, people are becoming conscious of them.)

Now I’d like to take you back to 11-11-11.

Each year since 2008 I’ve done events for groups on 8-8-08, 9-9-09, 10-10-10 and I was attempting to put together a group to go to the Yucatan on 11-11-11 to open some of the ancient wisdom locked within the sacred site, which was now ready to be heard or available to us. I had been working with the sounds of the Mayan God/Goddess names since 1997 as I realized it was necessary to bring these particular phonics into the world’s consciousness, and now it was time to activate the rest of the information.  The trip did not transpire, but I realized I could do the work ethereally so a group of young people and I went to “The Top of the World” in San Carlos, CA, and did a ceremony on 11-11-11 at 11-11pm.  We toned the Mayan God/Goddess names, and then I did a meditation with sound. With the sound and meditation I sent energy out into the galaxies to open the gateways to the other dimensional realms to unleash the ancient wisdom waiting to be unlocked.   I am very aware I was not the only person working with the 11-11-11 vibration, and I also acknowledge that all that magic and attention by all the groups doing there ceremonies were also serving to supported the work we were doing.  I am also very aware that evening we made great strides in the opening of the galactic gateways, but again after that evening I didn’t put much thought to the work we had done.  To be honest I got caught up in the day to day process of living.  But hearing those sounds began to trigger my deeper awareness of the work we had been doing that night.

We are now again fast forwarding to 1-11-2012, the evening the event outside my window called me to action, inspired me to work on a meditation I thought I was working on to record.  So you can get a sense of it, I was doing the meditation with myself but it would take too much time to go into the details of the meditation but the long and the short of it was; I was opening centers in myself with colors and sound, and working specifically with the thymus.  The thymus, in my understanding is the gateway within us to “conscious” inter-dimensional travel and that gateway has been closed in most people from the time they reach the age of 2. For years I’ve been working with the thymus bowl, and was aware the work I was doing with the sound was to support the re-activation of the thymus and open the portals to individuals higher dimensions, but up until this evening I had only been scratching the surface, then again I have never done a meditation like this, nor was I ready for a meditation like this before now. When I activated the area of the thymus with the sound, my body began to vibrate at a speed I had never reached before.  I was amazed at the frequencies my voice was bringing through. It was more powerful than anything I had ever done to date, and my body’s reaction was not like anything I’d ever experienced, and to be honest I’m still processing the effects of the meditation.  In the meditation I was specifically opening the gateways to the other dimensions; opening the wisdom that they hold that I/we have not been ready for until now.  I can honestly say I was not aware nor did I fully comprehend the impact this meditation could have and did have until I was I was in the meditation.   I quickly realized that it would not be an appropriate meditation to do on a CD at this time, and I ended the meditation, with a tremendous amount of processing still to be done.

The day after I did the meditation I talked to my friend/roommate about it, and told her of the power of this meditation and sound work I’d done the night before.   She commented that although she had been sleeping she was conscious of something very powerful happening in her theta or alpha state and realized it must have been triggered by the sound from the meditation. We both decided to do the meditation again, only this time with her conscious participation to see if my initial experience and thoughts regarding this meditation were on course.

When we did the meditation it was powerful, yet I know that the sound did not have the intensity it had had the night before and I am not even sure I could duplicate that again, but after the meditation she agreed perhaps this was not the time for the masses to receive this work…even though the sounds had already been released to the ethers.. After the meditation she reported that during the meditation when we activated the thymus, a massive white “energy” light entered her chest area and connected to her crown, opening the crown more extensively than she had ever experienced before.   She has also told me the work is continuing to open gateways within herself in a way she has never experienced before, even through all the years she has been channeling which for her began as a child.  In the 30 years I’ve know her, she as always channeled information and was one of my early mentors.

Aside from telling some close friends about the meditation experience and processing it for myself, I didn’t give it much thought until the “strange sounds” from around the world was brought to my attention.

When I initially started reading these accounts and listening to the audio accounts of these sounds being heard around the world… I read them with interest, but still it did not connect. Some occurred before 11-11-2011, but many of them were heard after, and they seemed to have become more prevalent around 1-11-2012 and after.  After a day or two it dawned on me what was pulling at me.  The sounds, the sounds in some way were connected to the work I’d been doing, probably since I began, but more specifically since 11-11-11and beyond.

I finally paid attention to the coincidences that were being presented to me.

I have done a great deal of work with Gaia since I started toning and have consciously interacted with beings from other dimensions for some time.  After all it was the star beings that re-aligned  my DNA so that I would be able to bring through the frequencies that I presently tone.  It was the etheric beings who re-activated my ancient, inter galactic sounds in the “Kings” chamber of the great pyramid as people have seen in the picture that appears in my book, on my website and blog site; so when I made the calls to unlock the gateways to the wisdom ready to be opened and accessible to myself as well as the other beings here on the earth plane, why wouldn’t they respond and this is exactly what I feel they have done.  They listened and they are responding.

I feel these sounds have a power greater than we can imagine…more  profound than science can explain.  So please, keep your eyes, ears and heart open to all that is available for you to receive…and keep listening…

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