What Is Real

For several months I have not had a television to watch, and I’ve been listening to the radio.  At night I listen and fall asleep to Coast to Coast and in the morning I wake up with Brian, and the station moves into the conservative or right-wing point of view.  In one way it offers various points of view,and in another way it is quite surreal.

Last night the Coast to Coast show was speaking about the banking institute and the Federal Reserve, the corporate facility that controls the money and the
corruption that lies within, and this morning I wake up to Brian and his point
of view regarding the anarchy of the Occupy movement which is making a
statement about corrupt corporations.

Truth be told, I tend to lean towards the view points of the conspiracy
consciousness.  I see the value of people finally waking up and making a statement.  I am not so fond of the violence that has been associated with the
movement, therefore I feel the statement the Occupy movement is making needs to be so clear and concise, that it would be difficult to misconstrue.  I am also jaded enough to believe the people disrupting the movement in a negative way may be the “big boys” attempting to discredit the movement.

However, having said that, I understand anyone can skew the facts to their point of view.  According to “Brian” The Occupy movement is anarchy, which essentially means absence of government. Yet from my perspective people seem to be basically attempting to exercise their constitutional rights.

In my observation whenever a group of individuals express a point of view unpopular to the “corporate” view it is expressed in a negative way and in this case it is being compared to anarchy, yet again from my observation, corporations, including the Federal Reserve, and the Great United States of America have been self focused, and operating with the absence of constitutional consideration for some time.  So perhaps this could be construed as the absence of government, if the constitution is the basis of our government.

Again, it is interesting to me that the facts can always be skewed to anyone’s point of view.

When I listen to Brian, I can almost feel the fear in his voice, some kind of energy
that this Occupy movement is growing, no matter how much he protests, no matter how hard he works at dissuading  the masses, the movement is growing, the masses are waking up, and he is losing his power to persuade.

It is as if Brian is an archetype of our media in general.

Are the 1 percent or 10 percent of the wealth losing their foothold on the populous?  Are people waking up?  If they are waking up, will they act in the
highest and best interest of the masses? Can we stay calm while riding within the wave of the frenzy?

Stay tuned…11-11-11 is here, and the gateways are open…consciousness is shifting…so hold on… this is an E-ticket ride…


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