Dear Me-God

Years ago I wrote a letter to myself and God…it was a committment letter, then it became a piece on my HomeComing to Spirit CD…Now its a you-tube.

I want to thank David Kobza for helping with the you-tube. He spent time and energy that he had little of since he has a life of his own.  I so appreciate your time and energy to help me with this.

Check it out:

Readers, there has been request for the here they are:

Words received in loving grace 2-15-97 by Mary

Dear ME-God

I have often not honored you, my beloved
Spirit. I have often lived by other people’s choices, rules, and beliefs that
have not always been of my essential truth. As I write this letter I am
reminded that all things have been to serve me— even in a misguided fashion or
at least in my perception, a misguided fashion. I have not always loved myself,
or my potential. I have forsaken me for the sake of others. I have judged
others without seeing the reflection they offer me. I judge my feelings,
categorizing them into good or bad. I have fallen hopelessly into self-pity and
self-aggrandizement. I have forgotten, I AM SPIRIT. I forget I AM a pure
reflection of the God-essence. I am not always still, to feel my presence or my
spirit. I have judged others, and in that judgment I have judged myself. I have
forgotten to breathe and to know the life within me. I have tried to control
events through my limited pictures, when I am just as able to open my heart to
the knowing that all things are as they are meant to be and that my highest
purpose is always being served. I have turned desire into possession, and have
lost the understanding of detachment. I have cursed God- cursed myself for
having to endure the pain and injustice at the thought of being alone—as I
denied my oneness, my connectedness, my wholeness as I am. I have denied the
divine within me, and in doing that the divine in all others. I have allowed
myself to be guided with one eye, or one “i” without realizing I AM ONE WITH ALL. I have shortchanged myself by being defended and guarded and blocked by my limitations. I choose to awaken to my wholeness now and forever. To be present with myself. To be in my truth – experience my feelings- release any and all beliefs that no longer serve my higher purpose. Walk each and every moment with the knowing that I AM SPIRIT. I AM SPIRIT, PURE, CLEAR, BEAUTIFUL, STRONG…I AM SPIRIT…I AM FILLED WITH AND THE FULL EXPRESSION OF DIVINE LOVE. I promise to be gracious with myself, accepting of myself, compassionate with myself. I promise to always look to see what is being reflected to me, and I commit to reflect my higher self to others. I commit to draw to me the appropriate opportunities and relationships that will serve my higher self. I commit to walking my path in trust and surrender and with the absolute knowing that I am safe and connected at all times, and with “the knowing” nothing less than my higher self is being served each moment of every day.

Love ME


One response to “Dear Me-God

  1. Mary I am so happy to see this You Tube video with your very POWERFUL letter to Me-God. Would you be so gracious to post the words?
    Many thanks for this gift.
    Love & Hugs

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