I wrote this article several years ago, and came across it today.  After reading it, I realized it is as relevant today as it was 3 years ago.    I have also decided to change the neme of my last book to “OPEN YOUR MAGIC”….Time To Be Alive


 Edgar Cayce once said “Life, God,in its essence is vibration.”

In my understanding, we are all aspects of God; therefore in essence, we are vibration. Is it a wonder then that sound is “the” natural healing modality? Sound is powerful, ageless and timeless. I feel there is definitely a yin and yang to sound, for sound can destroy as well as create. In my opinion it is also the ultimate equalizer, bringing balance to chaos, bringing us back to Life…

 Most of you are aware that the world is in transition.  It is
shifting from a three dimensional vibration to a forth if not fifth dimensional
vibration. As earth is shifting its vibration we are being called to shift our
vibration as well. This shifting, combined with other factors are creating
physical as well as emotional and spiritual “distress” for many beings on the
planet at this time. .

 You are also seeing more and more people being drawn to the power of sound and for this reason , I believe over the last 20 years sound and sound healing has made a strong resurgence to assist earth and the people on this planet with the changes that are occurring.

 I am one of the many who have been drawn to sound. Shortly after beginning my career in massage, I became acquainted with sound healing, and soon thereafter was activated in my ancient sound abilities. I quickly realized that sound was part of my vibrational essence and needed to be integrated into my bag of tools.  It was not long after my activation that I began doing tonal alchemy as a major part of my healing work.   

So what is tonal alchemy?

The dictionary definition of “ALCHEMY” is: 1. an early form
of chemistry, with philosophic and magical associations, studied in the
Middle Ages: its chief aims were to change base metals into gold and to discover elixir of perpetual youth 2. A power or process of changing one thing into another; esp., a seemingly miraculous power or process of
changing a thing into something better.

The dictionary definition of “ALCHEMIST” is a practitioner of alchemy.

As the definition implies, I use very “ancient” vibrations and frequencies, which are not from this dimension to change or alter energy from one form into another. This form of alchemy is unlimited in its potential. The only limitation I have encounter so far is in the limitations of the individuals receiving the treatment.

I can just hear you saying “what”? But more often than not we are the ones that stand in the way of our ultimate healing. Now I can hear you asking why?  The why is not so easy to explain or begin to understand, but suffice to say it has everything to do with intention.

All healing is predicated on intention. Therefore it is imperative for any individual seeking assistance with their physical, emotional or spiritual issues, that their intention be pure. Once a person’s intention is set, and they have
belief in the modality they have chosen to assist them, miracles happen.

I have been blessed with this incredible gift of “ancient sound” which I utilize to shift people’s energies to assist them with their intentions as well as to create miracles. As I stated before in my opinion sound is the ultimate healer.

If there were just are two things I could share with you to assist you during these changing times It would be to encourage you to explore sound and vibrational healing as well as your own individual vibrational essence.  

The time is here for us to be fully conscious of who and what  we
are.  The more we realize that we are energy, and energy is God, and we are not only connected to the God Source, but we are actually an aspect of the God Source., we can use sound to become more centered, for sound is vibration, and the more centered we are the less havoc the energy shifts that are occurring will have on us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So again I encourage you to explore sound. It is a wonderful way to bring you back to your center, back into balance and ultimately back to your center of knowing. 

It is time to remember.  Life, God, in its essence is vibration.

Written by Mary Electra,
Tonal Alchemist  7-08


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  1. Have you figured how Tarotnames works yet.
    I call is Segrumism.

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