Announcing the 11-11-11 Yucatan Activation Sacred Journey

11-11-11 Yucatan Activation Trip

November 8 thru 13, 2011

For years I’ve been toning the Mayan God/Goddess names with groups because of my understanding of their power.  Their phonetics creates a frequency relevant as well as pertinent to our shifting times.  The 11-11-11 date numerologically sets up a gateway frequency that is very conducive to opening and shifting energy patterns, which is why I chose this time to do the trip.  Since 1998 I have felt a strong pull to take a group of people to the sacred sites of the Yucatan which I lovingly refer to as Maya-land to tone the Mayan Gods/Goddess names.  Even though I’ve been toning these names with groups since 1998 I deeply know when we tone them at the sacred sites an important activation will occur which is as I mentioned earlier pertinent for the shifting times, but I’ve been running out of time attempting to find a guide.  For months I’ve been sending emails looking for a guide that could assist me in putting together a trip, but to no avail.  When I wasn’t getting a response I began to wonder if my understanding was correct, and if this trip would truly be in the highest and best interest of all.   That did not resonate either and I must admit I was at a standstill as to what to do.  A dear friend was convinced that I should do everything in my power to make this trip happen and suggested I search the internet to see if I could somehow pull something together without a guide so I decided to do just that.  I began searching the internet to see if I could put together a simple trip to visit several sites where we can tone and do the activations during the 11-11-11 time period.  Within two days I was able to do that and put together this trip and am now trusting that spirit will support me in finding the people who are called to participate.  So we now have the vehicle and the rest is up to spirit.  For the trip to move forward I must have a minimum of 6 people attending .


 Please contact me at to make reservation…. and information about the itineary  


One response to “Announcing the 11-11-11 Yucatan Activation Sacred Journey

  1. Hi, Mary! I am sad to say I am not able to join you on 11-11-11 in the Yucatan — sad because this is something I feel deeply is something I need to do. What a powerfully awesome journey this will be ! But!! I will be with you in other ways then, and would so appreciate hearing from you after your journey. I know I’ve also been called to this. There will be a window and I will see it. Until then, I’m so thrilled for you to be doing this, and I hope your group finds you soon. If I could, I’d be there with bells on! Blessings! xo

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