Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve written on my blog.   I was busy getting ready for the Mt Shasta Sacred Solstice Journey which is now completed.  I thought I’d share with  you a recap of the trip. 

Mt Shasta 2011 Summer Solstice Sacred Journey

First thing I would like to share is that due to the late winter, several of the sites I’d planned to go to were not open, so the trip started with me being challenged with the opportunity to go with the flow.  So with this information in mind we shall continue…

The journey began with a group meditation in my Suite at the Hi-Lo Motel in Weed.  We had an unobstructed view of the mountain through the window.  During the meditation, Mt Shasta pulled on me to bring it into the room, and from that moment we were absorbing the energy of the mountain, and it was absorbing us.  Our first site was Hedgecreek Falls where we did a ceremony. For me, the highlight of Hedgecreek Falls did not come from the ceremony, but from the two beautiful spirits who shared our ceremony with us and honored me with performing their wedding ceremony.   They were so representative of what was ahead of us.  We were plunging into something familiar to us conceptually, but new to us individually and as a group.  From Hedgecreek we went to a park at the Railroad Inn where we had an amazing view of the Crags.  We lunched there, and ended with a ceremony.  Our next ceremony was at the Botanical Gardens by the river.  Our group was still in a space of hesitation, which I take responsibility for.  I feel my nervousness about the shifts I needed to make were “setting the tone” for the group, and that needed to shift.   The group started to come together while preparing our pot luck dinner and by the time we were making the fire at Castle Lake the group was becoming cohesive.  Castle Lake was frozen over, so it was energetically very different than when we did the 10-10-10 trip, still magical but different.   After our drumming circle we were sky watching and had a visitation from my star being friends.    Almost everyone in the group were able to experience the star beings. 

The next day was a bit challenging for me.  Pluto Caves is a very special site for me, but by the very definition of its name it’s a site that can take you into the underworld and holds the opportunity for core level transformation.  Pluto Caves turned out to be an amazing experience; filled with depth and revelation.  As a group we built a Medicine Wheel above one of the caves, and were connected with one of our totem animals in the meditation.  After the meditation and sharing we went down into the caves where we were visited by the violet flame and St Germaine.  It was the perfect place for the violet flame to show itself to us.  People were taking pictures of the violet fame and I certainly hope those pictures come out.  After the caves we went to the War Memorial and walked the labyrinth and visited the sculpture garden.  This was a very evocative experience.  Those sculptures are incredible.  That evening we did our workshop with Susan Isabelle and the Crystal Skulls where each of us received an activation from the skulls.  Working with the skulls is very much like sound healing.  It is extremely subtle but has the opportunity of being life changing. 

Our next journey was to Burney Falls.  What can I say about Burney Falls that could even do it justice?   Burney Falls was our wild card day.  In the original itinerary this day had been reserved for Medicine Lake, but the roads were closed, so the group decided on Burney Falls, and it was the perfect choice.  What an experience, one that can barely be recounted if even believed.   When we first arrived the only collective thing we did was when we were all gathered at the Falls Lookout, and I toned to the falls.   After that everyone was free to explore the wonder of Burney Falls for themselves.  I ended up with two members from the group, and what a blessing that was.   At one point we were toning to the falls, and magically found the resonant frequency we were creating was moving the wall of the rock behind the falls.   That was cool, but the most amazing thing was we all saw it at the same time, and had the courage to acknowledge it.  The rock appeared to be moving and at some point began to open up.  Our process was interrupted at that point but not before we saw the rock opening.   We also saw columns of violet light behind the falls.  It was so incredible.  We continued our walk on the Fall Loop trail,  and when we came to the arched bridge over the river, the energy of the water was calling us to tone there, so of course we obliged the river.  At that point we saw a log, a straight log sitting atop a rock.  I suggested that we attempt to move the log with our sound.  The minute I said that I believe we all heard the log protesting that it did not want to leave its place on the rock, as that was its home for now, so instead of falling off the rock the log shape shifted into and otter.  The end clearly formed a head with an eye and a mouth that seemed to look up at us.  The log began to curve in the middle, almost hugging the rock, while the other end of the log formed a tail that bent down into the water and eventually curved against the rock with the flow of the river.  We all witnessed this, and hopefully it was recorded on the camera.  I would like to extend my gratitude to the river the log and the rock for playing with us, and I’d like to thank my companions for being such wonderful playmates.  I cannot tell you what delight and joy pulsed through me at Burney Falls.  I only hope everyone on the trip experienced great joy from the time we spent there, as we didn’t really have time to share the events of the day collectively, as that evening we were doing the sweat lodge and time seem to run out. 

The sweat lodge was phenomenal.  I knew in my heart the sweat lodge would be an important part of this journey, yet I had great hesitation about it.  I have not done a sweat for 11 years, and I was in much better health then and it was still challenging for me, yet I knew for this solstice journey it would be an important component.  The sweat lodge stretched me in ways I cannot even begin to explain, and completing that aspect of the journey was exhilarating for me as well as the group.  I applaud them all.

Black Butte was basically our closing ceremony as several people had to leave on their journeys home.  For me Black Butte is the anchor for the Pacific Ring of Fire and I love the ceremony we do there.  It feels very cementing.  For me it was a wonderful opening as well as our closure.  It was one of the only times I get to fully connect with everyone.  When we did the drumming on, I almost lifted off the ground.   Levitating is one of my personal dreams and one of these days I’ll drop all my fear and just levitate.  It’s coming closer. It would be wonderful if it could happen on one of the group journeys.   I’ll keep you posted.  The experiences at this site are so rich yet ever so subtle that I find it difficult to find the words to describe it.  For me it is one of those “in the moment” experiences.  What I can share is how wonderful it was to connect with each member through our ceremony in a deep and special way, and I will hold that moment in my heart for a long time.  

We went from Black Butte to as far up the mountain as we could.  Being on the mountain was almost anti-climactic.   We had been absorbing the mountain from the moment we did our first meditation so it had been living in us the whole time. There were only 6 of us from the group still left.   One of the participants built a wonderful circle filled with light we sat in a circle exposed and open with a view of the top of Mt Shasta and the Crags. Here we toned and shared.   It was clear it was time for our journey to come to a physical end, and even clearer that the journey would continue to percolate within each of us for weeks to come.


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