Keep Your “I” On The Light

Generally I share my thoughts about current topics, but today I’m going to share a little piece of me.  Over the last 10 years there has been a big shift in my everyday “mundane” living reality.  For most of my adult life I had been a manifestor, and in truth I still am.  The difference is, in the past I produced monetary rewards for my abilities, now my manifestations seem to get thwarted.  It has put me in a quandary.

These blocks and stops do not feel as if they come from within me, but they have shaken me, to my very core.  The blocks or stops coupled with the
shifting that is taking place with mother earth, and the global chaos have
exhausted me beyond my ability to even describe and I sometimes wonder if I
truly have that much strength and perseverance to go on.  I sometimes get to a point where I toy with using my powers to just leave.  There are moments when I lack character and wonder if can do this and I feel like such a charlatan.  I’m going through one of my crisis now, and I wonder if I am going through this alone, or are there others?
I’ve been told over the past 10 years by several physics and most recently by a being of great mastery that there are forces that would choose to block the gifts I have to share with the world and these energy forces have set up obstacles to prevent me from moving forward, and the obstacle at the moment is poverty.  I
have been told there is a spiritual war happening between the light forces and
the dark forces.  Star Wars anyone?   Yet as implausible as it sounds, I’ve been
told these dark forces are choosing to block my gifts, and I must acknowledge
to all of you it feels like it, and it has felt like if for a while.   I wrote a book “Time To Be Alive” concerning the dark energy forces in 2008, and since then things have become even worse.

I am one person, and I wonder what can I do?   I imagine many of you might be wondering the same thing.  I dig deep within to muster all my faith as well as strength, yet at times it does not feel as though it’s enough.   I do need to share with you, although I have not had work for a year, I have been blessed with friends and family who have helped me through this strange time, so my basic needs have been provided for, and I have tremendous gratitude for that and I know I am a blessed and loved being.

I have been so consumed by the darkness.  I am forgetting to acknowledge the light as well as to continue to pursue the light.  I have been blessed.  I have had a roof over my head, food to eat and clothes to wear.   I have people who love me and I have been blessed with a wondrous magical gift to share with the world.  I was just reminded yesterday, that even though most people are unaware of the power of the frequencies I bring through, the sound is opening them to their higher “god” self and magic is happening for them.   I am so very blessed to carry those frequencies.  I will continue to send them into the world, and share my gift for anyone who is open to receive it.

I am not certain I can promise to not get lost, but I need to make the
promise to myself that if and when I get lost, I will continue to look for the
light because when I can see the light, the darkness wanes and I can remember
my “god” self.

So have any of you been feeling lost or in despair?  I urge you to please look beyond the darkness, find the light and follow it. It may be just a pin light, but once you see it,  follow it.  I know firsthand that can sometimes be easier said than done, but it must be done.  We all need to look beyond the darkness, and
keep our “I” on the light.  For within the light darkness cannot reign.

This is how one person can make a difference…keep your “I” on the light.


Mary Electra


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