Monkey See Monkey Do

For years I have studied the I Ching. One of its wonderful
parables of wisdom is to develop a strong family which begins with the parents, and this strength and moral fiber is passed on to the children developing a stong family unit.
This also applies to the government. The prosperity, health and well being of the government is passed down to the individual.

Today I was listening to the president talking about how the government was spending more than it’s  making.  Does this sound familiar to probably 80% of our population?  Years ago one of mine friends use to say, “this is America, we need two of everything.”  That includes cars, television, computers and in some cases homes.    Don’t have the money, charge it. That has been our philosophy for a long time now.  I know I’ve fallen into that spell myself over and over again.

I also remember during Clinton’s administration when the issue of
gays in the military was a raging issue, and the solution was; “don’t ask don’t
tell”.  Is that a clear message of how to handle life?  Is it a wonder that if we
can get by with cheating it is considered okay, but get caught and there is
hell to pay.  All the double messages and these are just two examples. Is it a wonder we find ourselves in this very dark place?

While I’m rambling is anyone asking where all the money went over
the last 10 years?  If the government doesn’t have it, and the banks don’t have it, and I know it didn’t fall into my pockets, and I’m pretty certain it didn’t fall into the pockets of more than 90% of the world’s population, so where did it go?  What is the real story?

So perhaps we were lead to this place, but why and who is being served?   So many questions, but are there answers?  Where do we go from here?  Look around you; do you like what you see? How do we change it?

Monkey see, monkey do….perhaps it is time to follow another monkey…


4 responses to “Monkey See Monkey Do

  1. Still thinking on that one!

  2. This is a ‘cut and paste’ and the source is not important. to Quote;
    “Those who oppose Freemasonry do so for a variety of reasons. With the advent of the world wide web, a broad – and FREE – venue allowed anyone to get attention, especially those whose views are ridiculous to the point of absurdity. While anti-Masons in the past have regularly copied from one another, the ‘cut and paste’ options inherent with website material make the repetition of foolishness far more easy than ever before in history. This list, then, has grown more rapidly than it did several years ago as this ‘monkey see-monkey do’ behavior, particularly as adolescents, the ignored, and the disaffected seek to have a voice of importance in a society which has ignored them. As we move into the 21st century, self-publishing creates a false facade of legitimacy with the claim that an individual is a ‘published author’.”
    Although I Have no secrets concerning the freemasons, as other monkeys might think they have seen the light…My secret pertains only to my work and the operation of Tarotnames, nothing more and nothing less. This Monkey (myself) is thinking outside the box as other boxed-in monkeys can’t see past their nose.

  3. Your response confuses me. Not cetain why you brought of Free Masons in relationship to this blog post, unless you feel we are following Free Masons.

  4. I believe that the freemasons are the original monkey see monkey do, type revealing a common life goal. Like Bush said “if you’re not with us than your against us”. Who is a freemason, and does want the freedom money brings. Monkey see what other monkeys can have and want it with all these same luxuries, and then there are other monkey people like me and you who don’t belong to that club can think outside the box and know how to survive by not having this same lust for money. In the same sense we travel our own direction with similar goals and don’t necessarily follow the same common trend. This is when we become top monkeys as other monkeys chose to DO, and follow in our direction. It’s a jungle out there hunting for the all mighty buck because the freemasons are laughing by keeping it from us.

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