God-Self Reality…. Ego-Self Reality

Someone wrote a comment on my blog post, and I quote:  ” Would someone like to explain the difference between a “god-self” reality and an “ego-self ” reality. I feel both come from the same mind-set. ”

I can respond to this comment purely from my own perception, and would welcome other comments as well.

The word ego seems to have a great charge to it, but for me the most interesting word from the above quote is “mind-set”.   Words are often so inept at times, yet in general it is the means by which we presently communicate,  so while  staying within the confines of the written word, lets continue.  For me God goes beyond the mind, beyond  the self and beyond reality.  If I were to describe my concept of ego, I would say it is mundane which according to the dictionary means:  relating to, or characteristic of the world. 

For me, God goes beyond into the realm of the all and nothingness combined.  The infinite!!

I feel our ego-reality lives with-in the infinite, yet from our 3 dimensional mundane point of view we might have issue in comprehending the God-Self beyond the confines of this rather limited realm. 

Yet if the ego-reality can somehow suspend itself from its linear perceptions there is great wonder to behold, which in my perception would go beyond the mundane and the possibilities of the universe would unfold.   

So I imagine if we are talking from a ‘mind-set” point of view, one could see then as one in the same, but when one goes beyond the mind would there be ego, would there be reality? 

Your comments are welcomed…


Mary Electra


One response to “God-Self Reality…. Ego-Self Reality

  1. Hi Mary.
    Someone here…ah ha, expressing my ego, as I respond to the Mind-Set definition you first referred to. Using Tarotnames as a guide which says, in a none egotisical manner only because Tarotnames is formulated to reveal intuitive vibrations. Tarotnames has this ability to reveal the essence of what we are really saying.
    “On the Eccentric definition, the keywords are Lacks Stamina, and Energy. To remain at the top is Seldom sustained and this causes Pettiness and/or Losses. Lacking foresight and not thinking ahead and as you climb to the top, you will fall down upon the ones you stepped over eventually dissipating your stamina. This is the only definition where the advice is to find the facts first and to trust your precious insight second.”
    The essence of this definition from my own perception is saying that to have a collective “Mind-Set” is not as easy as one might think as mentioned in the last sentence of the definition. Now, Ego delivers the same definition and also refers to the last sentence of this definition whether it is a “god-self” reality or an “ego-self ” reality. They, the god-self and ego-self are both one of the same…Get the facts first and then trust your insight, as each reality is based on personal individual perception of a god and self reality.

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