Interesting Events

I was wondering what kind of an event would finally draw the public’s attention away from Charlie Sheen…and lo and behold I was given the answer. A cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami…  The day before the earthquake happen someone asked me what I felt about Charlie Sheen, and people like him.  My response was: “I think he’s a genius, who vibrates very high and very differently than the masses, and since he doesn’t have the understanding or perhaps the skill sets to channel that energy in a positive way for him, he turns to things that numb it out.  It is interesting that he is well known for his sexual escapades because sexual activity can actually help to channel and release the energy.    I imagine Charlie Sheen, and my dear friend Michael, who is now deceased, as well as Robert Downey Jr. until he began to settle into his vibration with the help of the great equalizer “LOVE” had no way of recognizing this when they are young.  They are/were probably very kinetic and wanted that surging energy to stop or subside.  Of course the only personal knowledge of this was with my dear friend Michael.  We had many discussions about this, and even though I could bring love to this dear being, he had gone past the point of no return.  His body had already been ravaged by his use of drugs and alcohol to tame those energetic surges. However I learned a lot from him about addictions.  So as I am writing this I am taking literary licenses here based on some rather limited experience and ask you to bare that in mind.  I am merely sharing my thoughts.  My niece said I should blog my thoughts about people who might have this kind of intense vibration running through them, when my attentions were drawn to the earthquake and tsunami.  I believe earth’s vibration is increasing, and what we experience to be a “natural disaster” is the way earth deals with its shifting vibration, (this is a conclusion many other people have, so I’m not stating anything new) and there has certainly been many “natural disaster” of momentous proportion over the last 5 years. They seem to be escalating.  Then we need to remember the various manmade disasters such as the the gulf oil spill that has not spoken its last word either, which have been occurring in conjunction with the natural forces of nature. 

  I don’t know about all of you, but my email inboxes have been full of people pouring their hearts out; setting up global meditations and healings as well as people sharing their predications of this, and their predications of future devastation.  All of which is wonderful but I guess because it was a conversation that was fresh in my mind, I began to draw parallels between people like Michael, and perhaps Charlie Sheen, and even the masses with our dear Gaia, and the old adage began to weave  itself  in my head almost as a chant ”as above so below”.  In my observation when energy gets so intense it appears to me that something has to blow to alleviate it.  No matter what is standing in our wake we explode in our own unique way just to release the pressure.  People do it by yelling, drinking, acting out and in the extreme killing, and earth does it by shaking, erupting and in the extreme killing.  It seems it is a process. A process that continues to repeat itself to varying degrees in this dimension as everything is shifting and changing constantly, and at this time earth seems to be in a major growth spurt.  Through my spiritual eyes I understand this in a very different way than my ego does. My spirit understands that there is no life or death, that as spirit we are infinite, and the spirit lacks what is commonly understood to be “emotion”.  But in this universe, this dimension we see the process through a more narrow lens.  We personalize this linear experience.  We judge the experiences of this dimension.  Somewhere along the way boundaries and limits on what we consider normal or within reason were established and EGO forbid anyone cross beyond those boundaries…because then we have disaster.   Perhaps disaster is manmade, and the process is natural, but we definitely engage in emotions when we experience these shifts.

My Ego-self feels pain for all those swept away and involved in the multiple disasters we’ve been experiencing on Gaia.  My Ego-self judges these events as disasters and I become emotional and erratic.  Nothing about me is detached from the situation. My Ego-self fears what might happen tomorrow, so I am not living fully in the present. 

Please do not get me wrong…in my humanness I experience the loss, the devastation, the outrage, the helplessness, the over whelm, the fear; everything humans “feel” when immersed in judgment.  I am not suggesting that we close our eyes or our hearts to what is happening around us.  I’m suggesting that we look at others, at ourselves, at circumstances, and events through the eyes of our GOD-self rather than our EGO-self.  Perhaps there is a broader prospect to be actualized.

 Perhaps we should consider opening and seeing the world through our GOD-self perspective every day. The events that are occurring will more than likely continue, as there is a process happening, but when we see the events through our GOD-self we will see them differently and when we as a collective see each moment through our GOD-self the experiences unfolding will be different. 

 So thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  They help me to process my individual challenges as well as the global challenges. 

 As above so below, a concept I’ve been aware of for years, yet  I’m finally  beginning to see the thread of that concept woven through this dimensional experience in a clearer way.

 My prayer for everyone is trust, courage, strength, wisdom…and remembrance…




12 responses to “Interesting Events

  1. Mary Electra.
    Because this blog concerns Charlie I thought it might be a good time to include his Name Vibration. Now this wouldn’t be as significant a reading until his real personality was revealed to the public.

    Tarotnames reveals Charlie Sheen’s Insight.


    This definition belongs to the Minor Arcane

    Spades or Swords belongs to the Protectors. Soldiers, Police, Lawyers.

    On the Balanced definition, the keywords are Loyal, and Honest to a Fault. Learning Valuable life lessons the hard Way You therefore, need Balance, and Harmony, for a secured peace of mind. Funny how one can charge into prosperity and loose credibility just as fast as the, Two of Swords. A roller coaster ride of life, the door is opened and running smoothly, one more step to finish your project, and the door is slammed in your face. Don’t despair because you are the starter, igniting newer ideas and never around to see it completed. Starting someplace else, keeps you on your toes. The jack of all trades and the master of none, the job you leave behind undone benefits others. Call a unique teaching method.
    This is how I care, share and love.

  2. Very beautifully said. Thanks for sharing (:
    Lori Love

  3. The God-Self is only real and eternal. The ego-self was the nature of old consciousness and is rapidly dissolving. The Waters of the Earth are washing away the human nature of attchments to tangible and intangible things including sense of ego-self. The new consciousness is unfolding in the present moment that recognizes itself as the One infinite Intelligence with the realization that past and present are the illusions of the old consciousness that darkened the brightness of presence. When it happens, there is no “I realize that” voice echoing any more inside the head, which was only the egoic self that dominated so far, imprisoning the awareness in the confined box of “this is who I am”. As the new consciousness blossoms, the voice in the head just goes silent as it cannot compete with vastness of the Divine Intelligence that creates, stages and animates the livingUniverse.

  4. Hi Ms. Mary, You gave me a massage at the UFO Congress in Scottsdale recently. Then you did the vocal thing because it was during lunch. I don’t know if you remember me. but anyways… I wanted to say thanks again and let you know that I did a blog too but about the UFO Congress. I have something about almost every one of the presenters there and typed it all out as they were speaking. My hope was to give the feeling as if you were there. sincerely, alecB

  5. Lovely Mary,

    You Blog Beautifully!
    Keep up the Good Work!

  6. yes! yes! and yes! thank you for sharing and putting so eloquently exactly what has been on my mind!

  7. Would someone like to explain the difference between a “god-self” reality and an “ego-self ” reality. I feel both come from the same mind-set.

  8. Would someone like to explain the difference between a “god-self” reality and an “ego-self ” reality. I feel both come from the same mind-set.

    sorry for the repeat cause i forgot to check the little boxes below, now my ego is brused

  9. That is a very good question. May I asked was it the god-self ego that was bruised or the ego-self ego that was bruised. I guess this is a good discussion for a blog post, so I’ll respond in a post.

  10. ouch… that was an automatic response as I ducked my head. A built in reflex caused by my father’s remark. “Don’t answer my question with a question”, so I’ll stop asking and just wait. cause i do have an answer but would rather see if others are of the same mind…

  11. Check out the blog I just posted in response to Eddie’s post.

  12. Hi Mary.
    Someone here…ah ha, expressing my ego, as I respond to the Mind-Set definition you first referred to. Using Tarotnames as a guide which says, in a none egotisical manner only because Tarotnames is formulated to reveal intuitive vibrations. Tarotnames has this ability to reveal the essence of what we are really saying.
    “On the Eccentric definition, the keywords are Lacks Stamina, and Energy. To remain at the top is Seldom sustained and this causes Pettiness and/or Losses. Lacking foresight and not thinking ahead and as you climb to the top, you will fall down upon the ones you stepped over eventually dissipating your stamina. This is the only definition where the advice is to find the facts first and to trust your precious insight second.”
    The essence of this definition from my own perception is saying that to have a collective “Mind-Set” is not as easy as one might think as mentioned in the last sentence of the definition. Now, Ego delivers the same definition and also refers to the last sentence of this definition whether it is a “god-self” reality or an “ego-self ” reality. They, the god-self and ego-self are both one of the same…Get the facts first and then trust your insight, as each reality is based on personal individual perception of a god and self reality…

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