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“The hands and the heart are intimately connected. Creating a drum can be a magical experience – putting your prayer and energy into the drum and learning the things you can change…and the things you have to release to spirit.

 The magical act of creating the drum bonds you with this “medicine” and you learn to work with the drum as it teaches the ever-changing laws of nature.”     Patrick Pinson

                      DRUM MAKING PLAY SHOP and Pot Luck

          Utilizing Tonal Alchemy & Flower Essences

       MARCH 29, 2014 – INDIO, CA

                                WHY MAKE YOUR OWN DRUM???

THERE IS GREAT MAGIC IN CREATING YOUR OWN DRUM. Being able to infuse it with “your” energy and then having it to work with it in your daily life is a powerful process for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.


       “People worldwide have experienced the benefit of therapeutic drumming for centuries. In recent years hard scientific evidence has backed up the drums help many communities of people.

         Drumming can achieve, physical and mental relaxation, relief from stress, some relief from depression, temporary relief from pain or muscle stiffness, a greater clarity of thought, improved social networking and more efficient team working.”    From:

Special Opportunity:  For all attendees we will be doing a Drum Initiation Ceremony and Sky Watch.   We are offering this  to anyone that is called to join us…

COME AND JOIN: Mary Electra 

Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist will guide you through a meditation taking you into the underworld to find your drum’s totem animal or plant.

                                        Date:  Saturday March 29, 2014 

Time:  2:00 to 5:00   Location:  Indio, CA

Cost:  9 ” Drum   $75.00     12 ” Drum  $95.00     14 ” Drum  $105.00

Fee Drum Kit and the Drum Initiation Ritual*

We will be having a Pot Luck dinner after the drums are made so please bring a favorite dish to share. 

*Our group will go to the high desert for a Drum Initiation and Sky Watch.  The details for the Drum Initiation will be given to you at the Drum Making Play Shop.

Please register today as space is limited.

Play Shop must be paid in full by March 10th so drum kits can be ordered, shipped and received in time for the event…

Visit to make your payment via PayPal

Email will be sent with address and directions when you sign up…

For more info contact Mary Electra

 Phone:  760-699-2474                                


  We Look Forward to CREATING MAGIC With YOU!!!!