Sounds for the Soul Music Fest

tuesday night art for fest flyer

A day to feed the Soul with Sounds…. We’ve gathered performers and sound healers from around the area to bring the Coachella Valley a day of music, laughter and dance…

From Bagpipes to Drums, Crystal Bowls to Gongs, Flutes to Songs with a drumming circle to close the evening so bring your drum!!! We will have vendors from the local area…for readings, healings and crafts…we are creating a day to gather community together for fun, inspiration, and sharing as well as an opportunity to heal and feed the Soul with Sound…

We are delighted to present:

Freddie Weber…A one woman show, bringing comedy, music and inspirational storytelling together for a heartfelt and entertaining experience…

Rob Roy Conklin…Rob will be bringing us the ancient mystical sounds of the Scottish bagpipes as well as sacred tones from the Tibetan Bowls…prepare for amazing…

David Kobza….David will be creating an ambient experience using planetary gongs, chimes and drums topping off his performance with an activating Holotope meditation

Michele Garcia…A humble soul bringing her gentle wisdom through the Gongs, Bowls, and Crystal Triangle

LuWana Joy…Voicing her magical expression through the ancient art of drumming…

Christina Rose…With the voice of an angel…she will be performing contemporary inspirational music that will touch and move us all…

C.J. Henley … Filled with enthusiasm and inspiration she will facilitate a group drumming circle…Where the journey goes will be left to the magic of the group…BRING YOUR OWN DRUM

Mark Accomando…Will brings us the ancient sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and the native American flute…aligning us in harmony….

Special Guest Appearance by Danny Many Horses –Native American Flutist …Nationally recognized as an accomplished musician, Danny maintains his cultural roots through his Native American music and stories. Exquisite and penetrating.

Call Mary:  Home: 760-699-2474 or Cell:  510-418-8991

Prepay through Paypal… Ticket/tickets will be sent to the Paypal Email address listed… Thank You!!!



Tantra Sound Awakening


Mary Electra Facilitating – David Kobza Assisting


When: July   17th 18th 19th  2015          

Where:  Boulder Creek, California                                

 Cost:  $220.00    $50 deposit with balance due by July 1, 2015

Retreat Cost Includes Food, Lodging and Magic…

(This is the first Tantra Sound Awakening Retreat and will be limited to a minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 participants and will be on a first come first serve basis…)

Retreat/Workshop will explore the Senses through

Sound, Breath, Journaling and Artistic Expression.

We will be getting back to the ancient meaning of Tantra. During the retreat you will be forming a communion, communication and union first with yourselves, leading you to a deeper self-realization and enlightenment within as well as opening the gateway to forming communion, communication and union with others…We will do this through exploring our senses with various exercises as well as working with sound and meditation and last but not least a re-birthing session with conscious connected breath-work….This is a one of a kind workshop/retreat….never been done before..

This will be a positive life changing event for all those who attend….

Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist will be leading you through this journey of inner discovery… When Mary began her journey with sound she was guided to travel the world using her unique inner-dimensional sounds to unlock ancient wisdom and open portals at many of the sacred sites…this led to working with people to open the portals to their higher dimensional selves….She has worked with groups at sacred sites in the Yucatan, England, Ireland, New Zealand and Mt Shasta with life changing results…Several years ago she was inspired to create this workshop/retreat. This format will enable people to work closely with each other with an intention of bringing each individual to a deeper connection with their divine self…

David Kobza has graciously opened his home and his assistance for this workshop/retreat…David is a multi-talented musician, sound healer, teacher and performer. He is also a Starseed and conscious experiencer of benevolent extraterrestrial beings who assist him in recognizing and understanding how human biology and consciousness is able, if willing to synergistically access Divine vibrational states of unconditional love, unity and consciousness.

For info email: or call  510-418-8991 or 760-699-2474

Check and Credit Cards Accepted…

The retreat will take place in a private home surrounded by Redwoods, with a wraparound deck leading down to a creek.  It is a beautiful setting for our maiden Tantra Sound Awakening…We are blessed to have this sacred space for our empowering journey.

Tantra blog photo 1

Schedule for Workshop/Retreat

Friday:     4pm to 6pm       Meeting, greeting and getting to know each other

6pm to 8pm       Relaxing Dinner

8pm to 10pm     Meditation and Sound w/Mary Electra

Saturday:  8am to 9:30am            Breakfast

9:30am to 12:30pm    Exploring the Senses

12:30am to 1:30pm    Lunch

12:30pm to 6:30pm     Exploring the Senses Continued

6:30pm to 8:30pm      Dinner

8:30pm to 10pm         Meditation and Sound w/Mary Electra

Sunday      8am to 9:30am            Breakfast

9:30am to 1:30pm      Team Rebirthing with Breath

1:30pm to 2:00pm      Snack

2:00pm –                     Closing…

For this adventure you will need to bring your own bedding which includes sheets, blankets, pillow and towel…

We will be serving meals  however if you have special dietary needs…please bring the foods you need…

Bring an open mind and receptive heart as we explore the wonders of your sentient being-ness…

The above times are approximated…as this is an experiential process, time will be a consideration but not a deterrent to completing the process….


                 Tis the Season for a Friend 

Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Spring,

And Rivers Flow with Melted Snow,

And Life Takes on a Youthful Glow.

             On comes the Summer,

With Birds a Chirping and Children Singing,

And the Season Turns With the Flow of the Tides.

           And the Leaves of the Trees

Have Turned to Autumn

And the People are Joyous With Holiday Cheer

And the Harvest Moon Shines

                    On the New Fallen Snow…

Bringing in Winter

And the Hearths Aglow

The Season for Rejoicing

Abounding With Warmth

                 Bringing Kindred Spirits Close

And a New Year Comes Forth….

           Abundant With Dreams…

And Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Spring

And Rivers Flow With Melted Snow

And Life Takes on a Youthful Glow…

                               And Time Goes By…

And Yet, There is No Special Season

   When Man Meets Man

And Makes a Friend,

                             All Seasons are Blessed….

     With Making FRIENDS…..

                             Mary Electra




My 12-21-2012 Recap

I Survived 12-21-2012



With that out of the way, let’s talk about 12-21-2012… I know many people did ceremonies and some had end of the world parties….and others held meditation vigils….and as we are all aware 12-21 has come and gone, with what seems like relative ease….For sure the end of the world did not occur for the masses but what subtle changes occurred if any?

As many of you did, I had a personal ceremony with a dear friend. We did a tarot reading, then a meditation with sound as our contribution to honor the end of the Mayan Calendar and the end of an era…or what I perceive to be the end of an era…

In our reading we did a 3 card spread for myself and my friend….which indicated that we had harnessed our dark forces and we were now able to stand and share our light after coming through a period of patience, perseverance and prudence…the elements needed to await the gestation of something new, and we would be birthing and bringing into the new era an abundance of creativity….which both of us felt to be very positive indeed…

When we did the spread for mankind we did a spread of six cards…as we needed more information than what we received with 3 cards…

The cards indicated we were coming from a place of oppression, which I took to mean spiritual oppression; which I feel has been affecting our everyday existence and creative potential for some time…and the cards indicated we would be experiencing a brief period of calm before the “Tower” card begins its offering of breaking everything apart so we can rebuild it…

Universally we are being called on to search ourselves for our deepest roots of truth and understand the cycles of life, and to be conscious that we can either spiral upward finding our dominion of wholeness and in that wholeness rise above the mire and see through the eyes of truth or we can remain within the wheel, continuing to move in the same circle stuck forever in illusion…

The question I would like to pose at this time is: Once things break apart, how will we use this opportunity to rebuild our world? Will we take into consideration the highest and best interest of the all or mimic our past?

Blessings to you all!!!!

There Otta Be A Law

There Otta Be A Law.

There Otta Be A Law

I’ve decided to take a departure from my usual musings and delve into what I feel to be a pertinent and timely complaint.

Generally I’m not an advocate of “new” laws…but enough is enough…

I’d like to ask you…is anyone else getting tired of political campaigns???  Everywhere, television, radio, newspapers, facebook, random telephone calls, driving….even at the pool…I can’t get away….and it feels like insanity to me….Months and months of it if not years of campaign rhetoric…and just to be sure there is no confusion about what I am attempting to communicate I’ve included one of the dictionary definitions of rhetoric…

b. Language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually

I admit I’m jaded when it comes to politics, and have been for many years…and I know I swim against the current with my perception of politics in general, but come on folks enough is enough…how many months must a candidate campaign? How many dollars need to be spent?

Just imagine what could be done with all the money donated to political campaigns….Imagine if that money would be used to bolster our less than stellar economy…

How long does the campaigning go on for?  I’ve lost track…1 year…2 years…

However I am aware that the president is elected for 4 years…and since a president can only have two terms the first two years are a time for getting acquainted with the duties of president and about the time the president is on the downswing of the learning curve their focus is being drawn to re-election and the next two years of their presidency is eaten up with campaigning for re-elected… What a waste…then once re-elected the president becomes a lame-duck and his influence begins to wane….

There must be a better way….

Its not bad enough that I have to listen to what seems to me to be insincere promises, back-stabbing and misconstrued information…millions upon millions of dollars in my humble opinion are being wasted when those dollars could be better spent.  What about a campaign to help the homeless, the children who are starving or abused, maybe improving the unemployment…anything would be better than wasting money on political campaigns.

Yes, I’m sure the campaigns provide a limited amount of jobs, but if my memory serves me correctly much of the day to day, down and dirty operations of a campaign is done by volunteers…

So in the interest of Mary, and any of the rest of you who would like to see some sanity brought back to our daily lives instead of the maddness of over-extended political campaigns….could we please limit campaigns to two months, maybe three…and cap the campaign spending to a million each month…for each party…and this rule would apply to the primaries as well as the election.. Limit the debates to one, and allow all political candidates to participate.

We already see the main contenders do all the talk shows which is giving them  great media exposure which they may even be  getting paid for, and if not they are exchanging exposure for an appearance…However equal time must be given to all candidates….

To me this seems simple, workable and so much more sane…

Thank you for letting me share my personal thoughts…



AMAZING HEALING (in dedication and thanks to Jason P)

Hello all, I thought I’d take the time and share a wonderful experience…through the eyes of my perception…

Here is the post from Facebook that inspired it all….

Duncan   Roads

2:23am Sep 12

Huge parts of southern California and west Arizona are reporting the smell of sulfur everywhere, starting a day or so ago. Also reports of sinkholes, water table level changes, and mud geysers. Anyone reading this who is in those areas – I’d like to learn more. Comment here and/or email me:

As I now live in the desert I decided to responded to this request with my experiences…

At the time the  desert had been unusually humid, and we experienced what they call a swarm of earthquakes in Imperial Valley which is roughly 45 miles from Palm Springs…I felt the larger ones, note the plural, as there were two quakes over 5.0 in a three hour period as well a many small ones occuring one right after the other.  Then we experienced this noxious smell of sulfur which had the desert talking for days.  Apparently those smells extended north to Fresno, south to San Diego and east to Phoenix.  The smell was being linked to the Salton Sea, but over a period of many years, no one had experienced the odors to be so intense and last for the length of time they did this year.  On August 30th my area experienced a flash flood again, wreaking havoc for the park I happen to live in and my lot as well.

This questions posed by Duncan as well as the numerous responses he was receiving brought me to wonder what was really happening here, then I realized I needed to take action and do a sound healing for the desert.  My thoughts were supported by several people I happen to hold in high regard and the decision was made.  I do sound healings everyday that are for the universe in general, but I felt that it was important to do something more direct and focused for the desert…

Thursday, the 4th of October, a friend of mine, who was picking up his new drum decided to go with me to the desert and do a healing.  We drove up to a place above the desert and started with a meditation and then began to drum…As always my eyes were to the heavens, but we were very close to civilization and there were many city lights, not to mention the air traffic over Palm Springs.  I must tell you I never knew the flight plan of so many airlines crossed over my abode…yet to my surprise the sky opened and I was being visited by my galactic brothers and sisters once again…They were heeding our call for assistance and working with us to lay a foundation of supportive healing; first for the desert then mankind and the universe…

The beings were spinning and sending laser like lights to our blessed Gaia, their energy was spinning in sacred geometric forms while they sent laser beams to earth…It was like in the old days when they had those spotlights that would send beams out into the universe to promote a big opening of  some kind of major event.   The beams would expand as they went higher and when they had two lights the beams would at some point cross…This is as close of a description I can give you of what the beams looked like that they were sending to earth.  I must say it was an experience to witness.

There are times when I wish the world could see what I can see, and last night was no exception…as I so wished my friend could see, yet at that moment he was unable to go beyond the veils but still was ever so trusting in my description and with love and faith worked with me with his intention and his energy; collaborating with me in bringing in a healing energy I feel was vital for the work being done…I feel strongly the healing was as powerful as it was because of our collective participation…

We both opened our hearts with a request that the highest and best interest of all be served in the healing we were asking to take place…and the intention went out, the drumming went out, my sound went out and a foundation of healing was created…so I choose to thank you dear spirit as I am very aware I could not have done it alone…

I would like to do another healing with more people to bring a greater energy to the process…and I will keep you posted on that…but for now the process has begun…I will continue to send sound out into the universe in love and support for the divine plan and ask that you also send your love, prayers and sound as well.

When I arrived home, I was in need of sleep…and not because the work took anything from me, but from what I received in return from mother earth and from my brothers and sisters in the galactic realm. It is so wonderful to realize that in the process of giving we are also receiving. I can feel the power of the energy I received and have been in process all day…I am also curious to know what is in store for myself as well as for my dear friend who so graciously gave of his time to go with me and participate in this desert healing with a knowing that two people with love and intent can make a difference…I am certain in some way we were both changed forever…

I hope to pull together something more organized for the month of November and will let you all know…For now share your sound, your prayers and your intention to support the process of mankind, the earth and the universe that is presently happening…and share this blog with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email…and would also like to ask anyone receiving this blog that might have an interest in participating in any future healings with the desert and Gaia, to please let me know.  Together we can make a difference…

Please know that at the moment the focus of the healing is with the desert, but the healing extends to all energy forms…


Mary Electra, “Tonal Alchemist”



Today I pulled a medicine card as guidance for my day…and I pulled the Crow… and became inspired to write a blog….

I recently wrote a blog on seemingly “Random Occurrences” so I have been paying attention to my life’s seemingly random occurrences…

To preface this decision to post a new blog, it is important to share the things that have lead up to this…For over a month now I’ve been very conscious of my Omni-reality…the nonexistence of what we refer to in this dimension as time…There have been all these events that have been making me feel like I need to scream the unheard scream, express the inexpressible thought but I have held back not because I’m afraid but because WHY???  Yet everywhere I turn the same message feels like it’s being sent to me…especially while listening to several of the Coast to Coast AM programs over the last week  with George Norry  relating to  Consciousness & Physics and Time Travel Explorations in particular and all the shows in general;  a conversation I had with my friend last night and last but not least the medicine card I pulled today…the Crow.  Too many coincidences, not to mention that gut wrenching feeling I have when I need to express something…

What does Crow symbolize?

Here are excerpts from the “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

“Since Crow is the keeper of sacred law, Crow can bend the laws, of the physical universe and “shape shift.”  The ability is rare and unique. Few adepts exist in the today’s world, and fewer still have mastered Crow’s art of shape shifting. This art includes doubling, or being in two places at one time consciously; taking on another physical form,  and  becoming a ”fly on the wall” to observe what is happening far way.”

“Crow is an omen of change.  Crow lives in the void and has no sense of time.  The Ancient Chiefs tell us that Crow see simultaneously the three fates –past, present and future. Crow merges lightness and darkness, seeing both inner and outer reality.”

I have been intellectually conscious that we are living in multiple dimensions since I can remember, and it warms my heart that science is “now” confirming what was just an awareness I felt and in turn bringing awareness to the masses. Yet to be clear the operative word of the above statement was “intellectually” conscious.  Over the last 18 years simultaneous dimensions have been becoming more of a “Knowing” consciousness for me.  I am becoming more and more aware of seeing into other dimensions in my everyday life, and on two separate occasions I traveled into different dimensions I exist in simultaneously with other people, so I am not a stranger to it but these occasions have been brief snippets of OMNI reality in an earth walk that for the most part is considered linear and still attached to time; but a month ago after experiencing a marijuana high, my awareness of the OMNI has been heightened, and it feels like it has been heightened permanently for me in this dimension.  During my drug assisted mind expansion I was conscious of being in four dimensions simultaneously.  My experience and that awareness continue to haunt me; not in a dark way, but with this sense of urgency to share it.  SHARE IT!!!  Share it how???  I am still becoming familiar with it in a deeper knowing way for myself at the same time I am feeling this sense of urgency to share, so its like a double edge sword…I have the awareness but I don’t have the words…and if I find the words, will anyone be able to connect to them, relate to them???   Yet I feel I have been receiving these messages to encourage me to at least attempt to share it so here goes…

The image I received while high was like a film reel (real), with each individual strip of film being a moment in time existing infinitely, and it felt as if it was vibrating faster than light. During all of this I was aware of my existence as light, without a body, as well as being in my present “time” existence with a body and weight.  Being conscious of these two very opposite forms of consciousness was interesting to say the least as they were happening simultaneously not to mention the awareness of two other dimensions and during all of this “experiencing” I was attempting to grock it in my earth walk reality.  Suffice to say there was a lot going on.

I remember sharing my experiences with everyone around me because I was feeling the overwhelming need to “share” but because I was “high” my words were being regarded as such…words of an extremely stoned person…interesting the word “tone” is in the word stoned…and there is also that story about the philosopher’s stone (tone). Perhaps this is where the wisdom rests, but I regress…back to sharing…

During this “high” I was also experiencing other awareness’s, but at the moment I choose to just relate this part of that insightful journey…

In this dimension, we continue to relate to time in the context of past, present and future as it is easier to deal with. The concept that as spirits we exist in simultaneous dimensions and experience all dimensions collectively is more than the density of this dimension seems to allow for at this moment in our “linear” time.   Generally speaking here on earth when we move in and out of dimensions we have what I will lovingly refer to as “selective awareness” that we connect to through our physic abilities, déjà vu, remote viewing and dreams…yet we still seem to relate and express these experiences through the “linear” references of past, present, future…and reincarnation.

In all fairness because of the density of this dimension it is not so easy to relate to our OMNI self, yet  I know the possibility exist, therefore I would love to invite you to stretch yourselves, stretch your consciousness to be able to embrace the totality of the All …that lives within the I….

Perhaps this would be a perfect note to end on, but I am being urged to share another point of view with you regarding our earth walk… and perhaps it is this point of view that is the point of this blog , and perhaps all anyone needs is just a simple awareness of simultaneous dimensions to relate to the concept I am being urged to share.

Earth is a planet of experience…and we certainly do like our experiences or so it seems…and in our earth walk the experiences become our story here…and sometimes these stories are riddled with darkness, and the stories evolve into what the mind perceives to be pain, distress, punishment, anger, yet they are our experiences…which become our perceptions…and then the perceptions become our judgments…and those judgments become our bondage. Often during much of our earth walk we are striving to rid ourselves of the darkness instead of embracing it as part of the journey…we attempt to erase or edit those moments of infinity that we have judged and through the judgment have become enslaved by.  Considering the awareness of simultaneous dimensions; erasing or editing these events is probably an impossible task…however what is not impossible and is probably the most important thing to share with you is:  all we need to do is adjust our point of view…or adjust the filter of light if you’d like to remain metaphoric, then the earth walk becomes more enlightened and as earth beings we become more open; and even though the moments are never erased…we are able to be at ease with them…and they no longer garner the same influence that often consumes so much of our earth walk’s energy…Being aware, embracing the darkness, choosing to adjust the light makes a difference in our perceptions…

How we as earth beings choose to perceive our experiences in this dimension gives real meaning to the concept of “we create our reality”.   It is in our choices that we create….not the moment to moment events but the choices we make relating to those events, we create…yes… “we create OUR reality”.

So I urge you to KNOW NOW – (Know:  Knowledge of Natural OMNI Wisdom…. Now: Natural OMNI Wisdom)

Definition of OMNI from Webster’s New World College Dictionary

Omni:  combining form all; everywhere.

Also see omnific, omnificent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, omniscient….

Blessing to those who have read this, and thank you for letting me share…



Recent Crop Circle, Wiltshire, UK

Metatron’s Cube-Recent Crop Circle, Wiltshire, UK

Today as I was perusing my Facebook News Feed and several people had posted a crop circle of Metatron’s Cube…
Two things happened for me;  I began longing to go to England for the Crop Circle Season and once again be in the energy of those wonderful “earth art” creations.  I strongly believe the legitimate crop circles are created with sound frequencies, which is another story for another time,  but first my thoughts about Metatron…and the second thing that happened was a searing understanding that I needed to blog my thoughts about Metatron.
For several years now I’ve been aware that many people are channeling Metatron…which in turn heighten my need to understand Metatron.
During my conscious lifetime I’ve noticed that at various times, people seemed to begin channeling energies in a collective manner… For instance in the late 90’s there was a lot of people channeling Mary Magdalene, writing books about Mary Magdalene….and over the past 5 or 6 years I’ve noticed many people channeling the energies of Metatron…
When people were channeling and writing about Mary Magdalene I realized we needed to bring the “Mary Magdalene” vibration in as the universe  was in need of her frequency and it was time for people to embody and embrace that frequency within themselves…and when I started hearing a lot of people channeling Metatron I began to realize the world was in need of Metatron’s vibration….and it was time for us to embrace and embody the frequency he represents.
As I have great affinity with the Magdalene vibration, and have embodied that frequency within me since I was a young child,  so her vibration was already apart of me, but Metatron energy was not so familiar to me…or at least consciously familiar to me.
I did remember becoming acquainted with Metatron back in the 90’s but in honesty, did not put much thought towards it…I can only imagine it was not my time…but over the past 5 or 6 years there has been so much emphasis on Metatron I knew it was time to pay attention.   Metatron was making a statement by being channeled by so many people. I quickly realized I needed to become more familiar with what the Metatron energy embodies…and know the why of its importance now…
Once I researched Metatron, I realized for myself that the sound vibration that surges within me and the energy vibration I tone and have been bringing through since 1999  supports beings in opening the portals to their higher dimensional self and the description of Metatron’s energy was and is about supporting beings in opening their higher dimensional self… I must confess it gave me great sustenance to realize I was in some way keeping pace with the changes we are going through, and in some small way am doing my part in the process of our transition… and that was the end of it, my curiosity had been satisfied..but after seeing the crop circle of Metatron’s Cube online, not to mention I received two independant post relating to that crop circle I knew, without a doubt I needed to open my awareness of Metatron’s significance to others…
We are being supported , through the vibration of Metatron to realize our higher self…we are here…the time is now…we are at the precipice of a major transformation…so I urge you to develop your awareness, become conscious of your own individual understanding of who and what you are…as it is time to share your magic by shining “your” individual light…which ultimately will open the knowing of our connection to source…
The time is now…
I have included some information from the internet for you to review, and I urge you to research Metatron for yourself…but mostly I choose to encourage you to open yourself to the magic that you are.
 Copied from:
The Archangel who presides over the Sephira Kether. Metatron is one of the two most Godlike Archangels and has no specific day of the week assigned to him. As such, he can be easily called upon at any time. Metatron belongs to the angelic order of the Chai-ot Ha Kah-desh. He usually appears as a young boy or youth. This being is very powerful an his wisdom should never be debated, despite his childlike form. Metatron come to individuals on the verge of a spiritual transformation. he carries with him the power to turn your human self into the divine being you were always meant to be. Seeing Metatron is a powerful vision that should not be taken lightly because he usually comes at a time of great inner change.

Channeling copied from:
Greetings, dear ones. I am the archangel who embodies the highest level of physical existence. This includes what is unknown and unseen at your present conscious level of perception. My energies pervade all of physical existence and serve as what you might call your highest connection into Source. I am a bridge that connects Source and the Creator directly into physical existence. All of you are creators with the Source. You are learning to recognize all of your creative abilities. I can help you to connect into that highest part of yourself which is the clearest aspect of the Source connection or your Source Beingness.
 We of the Angelic Kingdom do not create consciously as humans do. We simply are extensions of Source and we are the Source substance with which you create. Therefore, as creators, you are the ones who direct the use of our energies and you are the ones who decide what we will create within physical existence. We embody Source’s Plan Itself. When you choose to work with this Plan and to utilize It, it is our energies which form your connection into It. Without your decision to utilize what we are and to become a part of this Plan, we remain simply a blueprint or an energy flow which does not connect into anything specific. Without your conscious desire to use our spiritual energies, we remain simply undifferentiated Source substance which has not had the opportunity to become a part of physical existence; our energies are not able to connect into the potentials that are there within physical existence, and they can not help it to bloom, grow and express all that the Creator has chosen to express through it. Without you we cannot participate in the development of your creative opportunities which Source has given you on Earth.


Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube

Recent Crop Circle In UK of Metatron’s Cube